The source file `foo/bar.mdwn` or `foo/bar.html` generates the page `foo/bar/index.html`, but the links to the page appear as "`foo/bar/`". This is fine (and recommended) for pages served by an http server, but it doesn't work when browsing the pages directly using `file:` URL. The latter might be desirable when testing pages before upload, or if you want to read pages when off-line without access to a web server. Here is a JavaScript "`onload`" script which fixes the URLs if the `local.protocol` isn't `http` or `https`: function fixLinks() { var scheme = location.protocol; if (scheme=="http:" || scheme=="https:") return; var links = document.getElementsByTagName("a"); for (var i = links.length; --i >= 0; ) { var link = links[i]; var href = link.href; var hlen = href.length; if (hlen > 0 && link.protocol==scheme && href.charAt(hlen-1) == "/") links[i].href = href + "index.html"; } } This can be placed in `page.tmpl`: ... This script has not been extensively tested.