I'm trying to put a list of tags in a table, so I carefully make a newline-free taglist.tmpl and then do:
| [ [!inline pages="link(/category/env)" feeds=no archive=yes sort=title template=taglist] ] |
but there's a line in
that does:
        return "<div class=\"inline\" id=\"$#inline\"></div>\n\n";
And the extra newlines break the table. Can they be safely removed? > If you want an HTML table, I would suggest using an HTML table, which > should pass through Markdown without being interpreted further: > > > \[[!inline pages="link(/category/env)" feeds=no archive=yes sort=title template=tagtd]] >
> > where tagtd.tmpl is of the form `your markup here`. > > I don't think you're deriving much benefit from Markdown's table syntax > here, if you have to mix it with HTML::Template and ikiwiki directives, > and be pathologically careful with whitespace. "Right tool for the job" > and all that :-) --[[smcv]]