I need to display part of my pages' path in the `` meta HTML header instead of their basename ; e.g. for /abs/path/to/basename, I'd like to set it to path/to/basename. Of course, one might consider it's my own problem, as I could workaround this in my templates, and replace, in the `<title>` meta HTML header, `<TMPL_VAR TITLE>` with a `TMPL_LOOP` on `PARENTLINKS`, but... - it's ugly (call it a semantic hijacking if you want) ; a side-effect of this ugliness is : - it defeats any further plugin's (e.g. [[plugins/meta]]) attempt to override the default title with a nicer one ; - all parents appear : there is no way to specify how deep to go up in the parents tree. So I really want to avoid this ugly workaround. Looking at `Render.pm`, the second solution I thought of was : - add a `parents_in_page_title` configuration option (default=0, i.e. the current behaviour) ; - modify `Render.pm` to insert as much parents as possible (up to `N=parents_in_page_title`), separated by '/', in the `title` template parameter, before the actual page basename ; I personally would use N=2. The only problems I can see with this approach are : - it requires modification of the core, which may not be desirable - the resulting title would be unconditionally overridden by the meta plugin, and I can think of no clean solution to make this configurable without hacking [[plugins/meta]], which I'd rather not to ; I don't care, but once you add a ad-hoc feature to the core, you can be sure someone will want a more generic version in less than three months ;) I'm not too convinced writing a plugin for such a small feature isn't overdoing it, so I'm tempted to implement this solution in the simplest way : the generated title would be the default and could be overridden later by plugins. Joey, what do you think ? (Before starting to write any single line of code, I need to know how much you are on the "if you can do it as a plugin, don't ever modify the core" side... :) > My general philosophy is that the core should be flexible enough to allow > plugins to do arbitrary useful stuff. And there are some things in-core > that I'd like to get out (such as backlinks processing), but that cannot > currently be moved out efficiently. KISS is also part of my pholisophy. > > So no, I don't like adding new options to the core that few users will > want to use. In case you're on the hardcore side, I would probably write a dedicated plugin, called `genealogictitle` or whatever, and : - use the pagetemplate hook to modify the `title` template parameter, and maybe set `title_overridden`, as does the meta plugin - add a `genealogictitle_depth` configuration option to tell how many parents to display - maybe add a `genealogictitle_overrides_meta` or whatever to decide whether a title overridden by [[plugins/meta]] should be overridden by genealogictitle ; but anyway, I've not found, in the plugins documentation, any hint about the order in which the plugins are called for a given hook, so the "choose the strongest between meta and genealogictitle" thing might just be more complicated... (no, I did not Read The Nice Source, yet). -- intrigeri > Plugin sounds reasonable. --[[Joey]] >> Well, it seems I once more designed a solution before clearly >> defining my problem... What I really need is more generic, can be >> done as a plugin, and deserves its own [[todo|pedigree_plugin]], so >> I'm tagging this one wontfix^W [[done]]. I'm sorry. -- intrigeri