X-Git-Url: https://sipb.mit.edu/gitweb.cgi/ikiwiki.git/blobdiff_plain/7d9daa26a3d1cd4e22ff7622d00682f9e0fb8231..68db2dceb87a83e2bfa201dc52cc48c9b389c403:/doc/todo/language_definition_for_the_meta_plugin.mdwn diff --git a/doc/todo/language_definition_for_the_meta_plugin.mdwn b/doc/todo/language_definition_for_the_meta_plugin.mdwn index f473c9e0b..feb39e2f9 100644 --- a/doc/todo/language_definition_for_the_meta_plugin.mdwn +++ b/doc/todo/language_definition_for_the_meta_plugin.mdwn @@ -1,6 +1,5 @@ Here is a patch for the [[plugins/meta]] plugin. It adds the possibility to define the language -used for a page, with - [[meta lang="ja"]] +used for a page, with \[[meta lang="ja"]] It doesn't insert the langage information in the xhtml meta elements, but defines a LANG variable to use in the templates, for example with @@ -24,6 +23,28 @@ This may be useful for sites with a few pages in different languages, but no ful >>> Yes, that seems reasonable. I guess there's no problem with defaulting >>> to en if it can be overridden in the setup. --[[Joey]] +>>>> Yes, english default makes sense. I guess we should use the `$config{lang}`, +>>>> defined from the setup file or command-line options to define the default language +>>>> (`$config{lang}` defaults to `en` which is fine) if the html pages, and override +>>>> it from the `meta` directive. +>>>> — [[NicolasLimare]] + +>>>>> ikiwiki already has a $config{locale}, which is a full locale (ie, +>>>>> "en_US.UTF-8". This just needs to be parsed for the lang. --[[Joey]] + +>>>>>> My mistake, I meant $config{locale} --[[NicolasLimare]] + +> So the patch below could be changed to parse `$config{locale}` for the +> language, and pass it if no specific lang was set for the page. The only +> problem with that would be that this is all done inside the meta plugin, +> so if that plugin were disabled, the lang would be empty. To avoid that, +> I guess that the template needs to look like: + + lang="" xml:lang=""> + +> Now it just needs to be finished up.. --[[Joey]] +
 --- meta.orig.pm  2007-07-27 00:19:51.000000000 +0200
 +++ meta.pm       2007-08-05 22:37:40.000000000 +0200
@@ -58,4 +79,4 @@ This may be useful for sites with a few pages in different languages, but no ful
-[[tag wishlist patch plugin/meta translation]] +[[tag wishlist patch plugins/meta translation]]