link to docutils mailing list discussion. also ask about <p>[[!directives]]</p>
[ikiwiki.git] / doc / todo / Resolve_native_reStructuredText_links_to_ikiwiki_pages.mdwn
2009-10-02  Ulrik Sverdruplink to docutils mailing list discussion. also ask...
2009-10-01  Ulrik SverdrupLink to trac's Wiki-RestructuredText syntax description
2009-09-30  Ulrik Sverdrupclarifications. and indent one of joey's oneliner respo...
2009-09-30  Joey Hessfurthermore
2009-09-30  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-09-30  Joey Hessresponse
2009-09-30  Ulrik SverdrupComment, type, discuss and otherwise type wayy to much...
2009-09-30  Joey Hesscomments and some code review
2009-09-22 uses 'htmllink'
2009-09-22 is missing: Create-links, htmllink
2009-09-21 remark about pproc-indent: I'm not a perl coder.
2009-09-21  Ulrik SverdrupPosting patch series for rst Wikilinks and Preproc...
2009-09-18  Ulrik Sverdrupabout default-role
2009-09-18  Ulrik SverdrupRefactor, and Propose :wiki: syntax for rST wikilinks
2009-09-18  Ulrik Sverdrupescape markup (oops)
2009-09-18  Ulrik Sverdrupon caching
2009-09-17 use, equivalent is better.
2009-09-17 replacements in rst (renaming links)
2009-09-17  Joey Hessresponse
2009-09-17 page is rST-parsed once in 'scan' and once in ...
2009-09-17 native reStructuredText links to ikiwiki pages