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2009-05-10  mgpfxfgaqoproblem is the height
2009-05-08  Joey Hessresponse
2009-05-08  mgpfxfgaqoedit form: no fixed size for textarea
2009-05-06  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2009-05-06  http://smcv.pseudo... (no commit message)
2009-05-05  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2009-05-05  http://stefano.zac... (no commit message)
2009-05-02  http://jmtd.net/published at github.com/jmtd/ikiwiki_todolist/
2009-05-02  http://jmtd.net/WIP todo list javascript in a demonstratable state
2009-04-24  Jon Dowlandadd a ' ' to prevent autosmiley eating a )
2009-04-24  Jon Dowlandinteractive todo lists todo item
2009-04-24  Jon Dowlandnew todo item: more flexible inline postform
2009-04-22  Joey Hesstwo problems
2009-04-22  Joey Hessplan of attack
2009-04-09  Joey Hessclose
2009-04-05  Enno(no commit message)
2009-04-05  Enno(no commit message)
2009-04-04  Joey HessMerge branch 'darcs'
2009-04-04  Joey Hessupdate
2009-04-04  Joey Hessupdate docs for darcs
2009-04-04  Joey HessMerge branch 'master'
2009-04-02  Jon Dowlandresponse
2009-04-01  Joey Hessresponse
2009-04-01  Jon DowlandMerge branch 'master' of git://git.ikiwiki.info
2009-04-01  Jon Dowlanderlang/couchdb
2009-04-01  Jon Dowlandncevy sbbyf?
2009-04-01  Joey Hesshappy Make Big Confusing Proposal Day
2009-04-01  Jon DowlandRevert "move managing todo lists to 'todo' section"
2009-04-01  Jon Dowlandmove managing todo lists to 'todo' section
2009-03-29  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2009-03-29  chrysnclarification on autotitle (todo title seems unclear...
2009-03-28  intrigerianswering Joey
2009-03-27  Joey Hessreview
2009-03-24  chrysninline autotitles: open issue
2009-03-24  chrysninline autotitles: additional patch
2009-03-24  chrysn(corrected bug in inline autotitle description)
2009-03-24  chrysn(urls for inline autotitle)
2009-03-24  chrysnwishlist, patch: inline autotitles
2009-03-20  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2009-03-20  chrysn(replace github link with ikwiki gitweb link so that...
2009-03-19  Joey Hesstitle_natural patch merged
2009-03-19  Joey Hessgithub error and comment
2009-03-17  chrysnnew wishlist item, patch included
2009-03-09  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2009-03-09  http://www.cse.uns... Update the javascript - this now turns things on and...
2009-03-08  http://www.cse.uns... Dump untested updates so that others can have a look...
2009-03-08  Joey Hessconfigure wmd to leave text in markdown
2009-03-08  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2009-03-08  intrigeridetails
2009-03-08  intrigeriimplemented Joey's solution
2009-03-08  http://www.cse.uns... License grant for my code. And note that I'll look...
2009-03-08  Joey Hessbug
2009-03-08  Joey Hessanother thought
2009-03-08  Joey Hessremove patch, and more comments
2009-03-07  Joey Hesswmd copyright?
2009-03-07  Joey Hessquestion
2009-03-07  Joey Hessnote that a wmd plugin has appeared
2009-03-07  Joey Hesspoint at wmd plugin
2009-03-07  Joey Hesscomments
2009-03-06  http://www.cse.uns... Note another issue with the basic plugin.
2009-03-06  http://www.cse.uns... Add patch for WMD plugin. This new plugin adds live...
2009-03-04  http://www.cse.uns... Notes that the wikiwyg plugin link is broken, and more.
2009-03-04  Joey Hessthat's wikiwyg
2009-03-04  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2009-03-04  http://liw.fi/(no commit message)
2009-02-27  http://zwol.livejo... (no commit message)
2009-02-27  http://zwol.livejo... (no commit message)
2009-02-26  Joey Hessmercurial and tla are missing implementations of severa...
2009-02-20  http://smcv.pseudo... Link my version
2009-02-20  http://taozhyn.myo... Adding patch, moved from plugins/tag/discussion
2009-02-19  Joey Hessrename tag() to tagged(); add docs
2009-02-19  Joey HessAdd noextension parameter to htmlize hooks to support...
2009-02-19  http://www.cse.uns... Yes, the patch is complete.
2009-02-18  Joey Hessis this patch complete?
2009-02-18  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2009-02-17  http://arpitjain11... (no commit message)
2009-02-17  Joey Hessre-add actual comments
2009-02-17  Joey HessRevert "comments" (stupid commit)
2009-02-17  Joey Hesscomments
2009-02-17  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2009-02-17  Jon Dowlandpatch to add tag() pagespec
2009-02-16  rafael2k(no commit message)
2009-02-16  Jon Dowlandfix link to h1title plugin
2009-02-15  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2009-02-14  bremnerlink to HEAD instead of today's sha1 of hlsimple.pm
2009-02-14  bremnerThrow another source highlighting option into the ring
2009-02-13  http://www.cse.uns... Update patch and reply to bug report.
2009-02-13  http://www.cse.uns... Add a new bug to track simple patch
2009-02-13  http://weakish.int... The wrapper works nicely!
2009-02-13  bremnerstrange output from sourcecode plugin
2009-02-12  Joey Hessresponse
2009-02-11  http://weakish.int... fix broken links
2009-02-11  http://weakish.int... redirect automatically after rename
2009-02-10  http://weakish.int... update for rename of todo/weakish.mdwn to users/weakish...
2009-02-10  http://weakish.int... rename todo/weakish.mdwn to users/weakish.mdwn
2009-02-10  http://weakish.int... add a email.
2009-02-10  http://weakish.int... del wrong hook & ikiwiki --post-commit --a-lot-of-switches
2009-02-09  Joey HessFix unusual --setup --post-commit command line option...
2009-02-07  http://weakish.int... I guess changegroup is better than incoming
2009-02-07  http://weakish.int... (tiny) markdown syntax