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2008-02-11  Joey Hessfix bazaar id
2008-02-05  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' into prefix-directives
2008-01-30  Joey Hessremove todo
2008-01-30  Joey Hessdoc updates for bzr
2008-01-30  Joey HessMerge git://git.samba.org/jelmer/ikiwiki
2008-01-29  Joey Hess* Removed support for sending commit notification mails...
2007-12-08  Joey HessMAJOR basewiki reorg
2007-11-27  Joey Hessformatting
2007-11-27  Joey Hess * Add a new ikiwiki-makerepo program, that automates...
2007-11-24  Joey Hessfix headers
2007-11-24  Joey Hesstry adding a toc now that ikiwiki supports it
2007-11-16  Joey Hessreformat
2007-11-16  Joey Hesswhitespace2
2007-11-16  Joey Hesswhitespace
2007-11-16  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.kitenet.net/srv...
2007-11-16  Joey HessThe ikiwiki zombie army release.
2007-10-21  joeyclarification
2007-10-09  joeyweb commit by http://madduck.myopenid.com/: fix up...
2007-10-03  joeyweb commit by http://madduck.myopenid.com/: further...
2007-10-03  joeysimplified git setup instructions w/help from madduck
2007-10-01  joeyweb commit by http://madduck.myopenid.com/: incorporate...
2007-09-30  joeyweb commit by http://madduck.myopenid.com/: proper...
2007-09-29  joeyweb commit by http://madduck.myopenid.com/: clarificati...
2007-09-29  joeyuse REPOSITORY consistently
2007-09-29  joeyweb commit by http://madduck.myopenid.com/: clarify...
2007-09-29  joeyweb commit by http://madduck.myopenid.com/: git: do...
2007-09-29  joey$srcdir is not a perl variable and is too confusable...
2007-09-29  joeyweb commit by http://chris-lamb.co.uk/: Add justificati...
2007-09-29  joeyweb commit by http://madduck.myopenid.com/
2007-09-29  joeyweb commit by http://madduck.myopenid.com/: rewrite...
2007-08-21  joey* Add monotone support, contributed by William Uther.
2007-07-25  joeylink to tips
2007-02-27  joeyadd basewiki page
2007-02-23  joeyadvise against putting ikiwiki.setup in the wiki source...
2007-02-18  joey* New domain name for ikiwiki: ikiwiki.info. Update...
2007-02-13  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett: A few minor revisions.
2007-02-13  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett: Do not perform your own...
2007-01-16  joeyfurther changes, preserve .ikiwiki in git instructions
2007-01-16  joeyresponse, and change setup instuctions for svn. The...
2006-11-22  joeymove examples ref
2006-11-22  joeyuse toggles
2006-11-20  joeyformatting
2006-11-20  joeyrewrite
2006-11-20  joeyformat
2006-11-20  joeyformat
2006-11-20  joeyuse shell variables in setup and other updates
2006-10-11  joeyweb commit by GabrielFarrell: small grammar fix
2006-09-16  joeyweb commit by ClintAdams: can't edit the =tagging-metho...
2006-09-10  joeyweb commit by RecaiOktas: Suggest local git clones...
2006-09-06  joey* Add support for mercurial, contributed by Emanuele Aina.
2006-09-04  joeyfoo
2006-09-04  joey* Add support for tla, contributed by Clint Adama....
2006-06-11  joeyfix setup for git; git requires the repo not be empty...
2006-06-02  joeyimprove the ikiwiki.setup for git, hope I got everythin...
2006-06-02  joeyblah
2006-06-02  joeybetter blocking
2006-06-02  joey* Add support for using git instead of subversion as...
2006-05-13  www-dataweb commit by tuomov: Fixed a typo
2006-04-29  www-dataweb commit by joey
2006-04-29  www-dataweb commit by joey
2006-04-25  joeyimplemented html sanitisation
2006-04-02  www-dataweb commit by DavidSchmitt
2006-04-02  joey- add <base> to cgi output, this is especially useful...
2006-03-29  joeyImplemented --underlaydir, and moved files provided...
2006-03-24  www-dataweb commit by joey
2006-03-23  joey*warning* any wrappers built with a previous version...
2006-03-21  joeynote that format of historyurl changed too..
2006-03-19  joeyfoo
2006-03-19  www-dataweb commit by joey
2006-03-19  joeybasewiki integration
2006-03-15  joeydebianise
2006-03-15  joeyconfig files now based on perl modules
2006-03-13  joeyimproved setup file more
2006-03-13  joeydocument setup files
2006-03-13  joeyadd --setup, --wrappermode
2006-03-12  joey- use templates for signin form, error messages
2006-03-12  www-dataweb commit from
2006-03-12  www-dataweb commit from
2006-03-12  www-dataweb commit from
2006-03-12  joeytemplate for recentchanges
2006-03-12  www-dataweb commit from
2006-03-11  www-dataweb commit from
2006-03-11  www-dataweb commit from
2006-03-11  www-dataweb commit from
2006-03-11  joeyup