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2014-02-12  http://joeyh.name/(no commit message)
2014-02-12  https://www.google... init
2014-02-09  intrigeriPing for merge request.
2014-02-07  Amitai Schlairsupport for Nimble, seems as safe as Markdown
2014-01-31  https://www.google... (no commit message)
2014-01-31  https://www.google... (no commit message)
2014-01-30  http://christian... on ikiwiki with gitolite master
2014-01-28  https://www.google... (no commit message)
2014-01-25  Joey Hessadd news item for ikiwiki 3.20140125
2014-01-25  zickzackv(no commit message)
2014-01-23  http://mcfrisk.myo... Added a comment
2014-01-18  spalaxNew proposal for pagestats directive
2014-01-18  spalaxNew plugin: addtag
2014-01-18  spalaxNew plugin: addtag
2014-01-18  spalaxNew plugin: parenttag
2014-01-18  spalaxNew plugin: parenttag
2014-01-17  https://www.google... (no commit message)
2014-01-16  http://shlomif.liv... Add the report of my problem.
2014-01-14  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info
2014-01-13  spalaxSome more thoughts about displaying tags
2014-01-13  Joey Hessinline: Allow overriding the title of the feed. Closes...
2014-01-13  spalaxSolution?
2014-01-13  friedrich.von.heusler(no commit message)
2014-01-11  https://www.google... don't use utf8::valid, maybe print $file
2014-01-10  https://www.google... Added a comment
2014-01-10  https://www.google... removed
2014-01-10  https://www.google... Added a comment: MathJax plugin
2014-01-05  spalaxOption proposal for plugin pagestats
2014-01-05  spalaxstyle
2014-01-05  spalaxQuestion about inject function
2014-01-04  http://smcv.pseudo... mark as won't fix
2014-01-04  http://smcv.pseudo... not a bug
2014-01-04  http://smcv.pseudo... recommend diff -u
2014-01-04  http://smcv.pseudo... already fixed
2014-01-03  Amitai SchlairRevert spam.
2014-01-03  https://www.google... (no commit message)
2014-01-03  Amitai SchlairNote reverted spam.
2014-01-03  Amitai SchlairRevert spam.
2014-01-03  Amitai SchlairRevert test post (noticed while packaging).
2014-01-03  https://www.google... (no commit message)
2014-01-02  Joey Hessadd news item for ikiwiki 3.20140102
2014-01-02  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info
2014-01-02  Amitai Schlairdocument spam
2014-01-02  Amitai SchlairRevert spam.
2014-01-02  https://me.yahoo... (no commit message)
2013-12-31  spalaxAdded link to plugins/contrib/created_in_future
2013-12-31  spalaxAdded link to plugins/contrib/created_in_future
2013-12-31  spalaxAdded link to plugins/contrib/created_in_future
2013-12-31  LouisRemoved dead links
2013-12-31  intrigeriA rough implementation is now available, needs testing.
2013-12-31  intrigeriI don't plan to work on this any time soon, flagging...
2013-12-31  intrigeriThis was released a while ago, closing.
2013-12-31  intrigeriImplemented, needs review.
2013-12-31  intrigeriI forgot about %S, sorry.
2013-12-31  intrigeriReply on the cgit URL encoding problem.
2013-12-30  spalaxPersonnal wishlist
2013-12-30  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info
2013-12-27  justinsI am bad at formatting.
2013-12-27  justinsEntry of git vs. empty webform commit bug
2013-12-26  https://launchpad... problem resolved
2013-12-24  spalaxAdded websites using IkiWiki
2013-12-23  https://www.google... Added a comment
2013-12-20  http://smcv.pseudo... Added a comment
2013-12-20  https://www.google... (no commit message)
2013-12-19  Simon McVittiedespam
2013-12-19  jimmy(no commit message)
2013-12-19  jimmy(no commit message)
2013-12-18  spalaxPrevent a deadlock
2013-12-18  http://kerravonsen... show number of items in section bug
2013-12-18  http://kerravonsen... fix for thumbnail size bug
2013-12-18  https://id.koumbit... mediawiki supported as a remote in git!
2013-12-13  https://id.koumbit... consider underlays
2013-12-10  spalaxtypos
2013-12-09  spalaxNew plugin: taskreport
2013-12-09  spalaxAdded link to code plugin
2013-12-08  https://id.koumbit... a working plugin prototype, review appreciated
2013-12-08  https://id.koumbit... (no commit message)
2013-12-08  https://id.koumbit... try to provide a clearer set of instructions while...
2013-12-08  https://id.koumbit... some questions
2013-12-06  http://smcv.pseudo... known limitation to the supported types, partly for...
2013-12-04  spalaxAdd reference to a bug
2013-12-04  https://www.google... (no commit message)
2013-12-04  spalaxtypo
2013-12-04  LouisNew user page: Louis|spalax
2013-12-04  LouisNew plugin: sidebar2
2013-12-03  https://id.koumbit... the problem is real, and is fixed in my git repo
2013-12-03  Joey Hessadd YAML::XS dep to Makefile.PL
2013-12-03  http://joeyh.name/(no commit message)
2013-12-03  https://id.koumbit... a weird bug with png file uploads
2013-12-03  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info
2013-12-03  Joey Hessstyle.css: Add compatability definitions for more block...
2013-12-03  https://www.google... (no commit message)
2013-12-03  https://www.google... Note YAML::XS absence from Makefile.PL
2013-11-30  https://id.koumbit... just a thought
2013-11-30  https://id.koumbit... i have a patch for this now
2013-11-29  https://www.google... (no commit message)
2013-11-29  http://smcv.pseudo... (no commit message)
2013-11-29  https://www.google... no need to have a directive page
2013-11-29  https://www.google... (no commit message)
2013-11-29  https://id.koumbit... ok ok i gotta sleep now