add some seatbelts to toad's jalopy
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2012-04-04  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2012-04-03 commit message)
2012-04-03  https://id.koumbit... toc and layout again
2012-04-03  https://id.koumbit... (no commit message)
2012-04-03  http://kerravonsen... suggestion about page.tmpl
2012-04-03  Antoine Beaupréupdate with today's work
2012-04-03  https://id.koumbit... expand on current status
2012-04-03  https://id.koumbit... drop even more twiki stuff from here and redirect to josh
2012-04-03  https://id.koumbit... link back to josh's twiki stuff
2012-04-03  https://id.koumbit... update for rename of tips/convert_MoinMoin_and_TWiki_to...
2012-04-03  https://id.koumbit... update for rename of tips/convert_MoinMoin_and_TWiki_to...
2012-04-03  https://id.koumbit... rename tips/convert_MoinMoin_and_TWiki_to_ikiwiki.mdwn...
2012-04-03  https://id.koumbit... major overhaul - mention my project as the main one...
2012-04-03  https://id.koumbit... some answers
2012-04-03  https://id.koumbit... acl response
2012-04-03  https://id.koumbit... (no commit message)
2012-04-02 add some details of my cgiurl port confusion
2012-04-02  Joey Hessclose, cannot reproduce
2012-04-02  Joey Hesscomment
2012-04-02  Joey Hessfix fib zeros
2012-04-02 good!
2012-04-02 a comment
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2012-04-02 (no commit message)
2012-04-02 (no commit message)
2012-04-01  Joey Hessfile
2012-04-01  Joey Hesstypo
2012-04-01  Joey Hessmeta: Support keywords header. Closes: #664780 Thanks...
2012-03-31 update info on my split-view setup, and ask for plugin...
2012-03-31  https://id.koumbit... demo the anchors
2012-03-31  https://id.koumbit... sign this, sorry!
2012-03-31  https://id.koumbit... document my work
2012-03-31  https://id.koumbit... link to my homepage fix osm link
2012-03-30  https://id.koumbit... fix PageSpec ref
2012-03-30  https://id.koumbit... somehow this fixed itself. go figure.
2012-03-30  https://id.koumbit... bug?
2012-03-30  https://id.koumbit... link to an actual implementation of the "Flip wikilinks...
2012-03-29 (no commit message)
2012-03-29 removed
2012-03-29 Added a comment
2012-03-29 Added a comment
2012-03-28  Joey Hesspolishing notifyemail
2012-03-28  Joey Hessfinish notifyemail plugin
2012-03-28  Joey HessAdded a "changes" hook. Renamed the "change" hook to...
2012-03-28  Joey Hesstypo
2012-03-28  Joey Hesschangemail: New plugin, sends emails about changed pages.
2012-03-27  Joey Hesshallo
2012-03-27 Added a comment
2012-03-27 removed
2012-03-26 (no commit message)
2012-03-26  http://tbm.myopeni... add user page for Martin Michlmayr
2012-03-26  http://tbm.myopeni... suggest a solution
2012-03-26 (no commit message)
2012-03-26  Jon Dowlandadd plugin tag type/comments and tag some pages.
2012-03-26  http://smcv.pseudo... Added a comment
2012-03-25  celty(no commit message)
2012-03-25 (no commit message)
2012-03-25  chrysnworkaround and some analysis of the bug
2012-03-23 (no commit message)
2012-03-23 (no commit message)
2012-03-23 (no commit message)
2012-03-23 (no commit message)
2012-03-23 (no commit message)
2012-03-22 Added a comment: Re: comment 1
2012-03-22  http://joey.kitene... Added a comment
2012-03-22  http://joey.kitene... Added a comment
2012-03-21  Joey HessRemove dead link from plugins/teximg. Closes: #664885
2012-03-20 Add new forum question
2012-03-20  http://tbm.myopeni... Added a comment: Still there?
2012-03-20  chrysnnote discount's definition list capabilities
2012-03-20  chrysn(finished move from previous commit)
2012-03-20  chrysngiving the linkmap issue its own patch page to make...
2012-03-20  chrysn(nobody sees the fnord -- remove relic from testing)
2012-03-20  chrysncomment on a non-obvious function
2012-03-20 commit message)
2012-03-19  Joey Hessadd news item for ikiwiki 3.20120203
2012-03-19  Joey HessMerge remote-tracking branch 'smcv/trail-test'
2012-03-19  Joey Hessfixed
2012-03-19  http://smcv.pseudo... fails to clone from multiple locations
2012-03-19  http://smcv.pseudo... fixed, I think?
2012-03-18  Joey Hessreproduce test suite failure, start of analysis
2012-03-18  Joey Hessremove fullscreen option
2012-03-18 fix plugins/mdwn wikilink
2012-03-18 fix plugins/osm wikilink
2012-03-18  Joey Hesstest failure mysteriously vanished
2012-03-18  Joey Hesstrail.t is failing
2012-03-18  Joey Hessmention that trail is set to "yes"
2012-03-18  Joey Hessmerged trail3-integrated
2012-03-18  Joey Hessmove
2012-03-18  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2012-03-18  Joey Hesschangelog
2012-03-18  http://smcv.pseudo... formatting
2012-03-18  http://smcv.pseudo... request for re-review
2012-03-18  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2012-03-18  http://smcv.pseudo... updated, again
2012-03-18  Simon McVittieAdd a build_affected hook so trail doesn't have to inject
2012-03-18  Simon McVittieReplace [[!trailinline]] directive with [[!inline trail...
2012-03-18  Simon McVittieMove trail out of the contrib directory in preparation...
2012-03-18  Simon McVittieMerge tag '3.20120202' into trail3-integrated
2012-03-17 (no commit message)