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2010-02-12  Joey Hessplugin tag reorg
2010-02-12  Joey Hessformat plugin categorization
2010-02-12  Joey Hessfix openid pagespec example
2010-02-12  Joey HessGroup related plugins into sections in the setup file...
2010-02-12  Joey HessAllow globs to be used in user() pagespecs.
2010-02-11  Joey Hesshttpauth: Add httpauth_pagespec setting that can be...
2010-02-11  Joey Hesshttpauth: When cgiauthurl is configured, httpauth can...
2010-02-11  Joey Hessclarify
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2010-02-11  Joey Hessrefresh patch; remaining problem
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2010-02-10 reply, and suggestion
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2010-02-10  Joey Hessquestion
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2010-02-09  Javier Rojasmore notes about the ikiwiki-nav plugin
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2010-02-07  simonravenHTTP:BL plugin/inclusion
2010-02-07  http://gustaf.thor... Added missing '!' in "!format perl..."
2010-02-07 tested
2010-02-07  Joey Hesssilly wabbit. spam written in sand washes away. ban...
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2010-02-06  Joey Hessopendiscussion: This plugin will also now allow posting...
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2010-02-05  Joey Hessscratch patch
2010-02-05  http://edward.myop... add 'or' to pagespec
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2010-02-02  David Riebenbaueralso tag 'patch/core', considering that over half of...
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2010-02-02  David RiebenbauerDocument git branch for automatically creating tag...
2010-02-02  Josh TriplettNew todo item for wrapperuser configuration option
2010-02-01  Joey Hessthanks schmonz for your kind donation
2010-02-01  Joey Hessready to pull, and thoughts
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2010-02-01  http://jmtd.livejo... also potwiki
2010-01-31  Joey Hessdocument that state variables are not available in...
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2010-01-24  http://kerravonsen... note new version of getfield
2010-01-24  http://kerravonsen... new release of getfield; can now get values from other...
2010-01-24  http://kerravonsen... link to site
2010-01-24  http://kerravonsen... note that report is now released
2010-01-24  http://kerravonsen... new report plugin
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2010-01-23 update about wiki page navigation
2010-01-22  http://kerravonsen... discovered a wrinkle
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2010-01-22 new forum thread - file navigation
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2010-01-22  http://kerravonsen... query, help!
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