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2013-11-08  http://smcv.pseudo... revert spam
2013-11-08  http://smcv.pseudo... escape markup
2013-11-07  jimmy(no commit message)
2013-11-06  hugo(no commit message)
2013-11-06  hugoproposal about class parameters for toggle
2013-11-06  spalaxHow can one highlight recent changes diff?
2013-11-06  http://jmtd.livejo... thanks
2013-11-06  waf(no commit message)
2013-11-06 Added a comment: recipe
2013-11-05  https://tincho.sta... Added a comment
2013-11-05 Added a comment
2013-11-02 (no commit message)
2013-10-28  spalaxAdded plugin infobox
2013-10-27  Test(no commit message)
2013-10-22  spalaxAdded plugin infobox
2013-10-22  spalaxAdded plugin infobox
2013-10-19 (no commit message)
2013-10-19 (no commit message)
2013-10-18  http://smcv.pseudo... Added a comment
2013-10-18 Added a comment: that works sort of, depending on the...
2013-10-15  http://smcv.pseudo... Added a comment
2013-10-15 Added a comment: Tutorial + options
2013-10-14  Mesar HameedAdded wishlist+possible patch, expose template variable...
2013-10-14 Added a comment: Did anybody see this?
2013-10-13  Mesar HameedAdd user page for mhameed
2013-10-12  https://id.koumbit... nevermind that, it looks good period - i misread git...
2013-10-12  https://id.koumbit... looks good, but split patches please
2013-10-12  https://id.koumbit... patch looks good.
2013-10-12  https://id.koumbit... (no commit message)
2013-10-11  Christopher BainesAdd patch
2013-10-08 (no commit message)
2013-10-06  ChrisAdd a patch for the osm plugin
2013-10-03 (no commit message)
2013-10-02  ChrisRemove link to github commit, and reference a branch...
2013-10-02  ChrisAdd my git repository
2013-10-02  ChrisBasic user page
2013-10-02  https://id.koumbit... some answers
2013-10-02 a comment: Update
2013-10-02 commit message)
2013-10-02 commit message)
2013-10-01  http://pipemaze... test
2013-09-30 OSM plugin questions and suggestions
2013-09-26  http://smcv.pseudo... Added a comment
2013-09-26 Added a comment
2013-09-26 (no commit message)
2013-09-26 sorting out my variablenames...
2013-09-26  http://smcv.pseudo... Added a comment
2013-09-26 (no commit message)
2013-09-25  https://id.koumbit... typo
2013-09-25  https://id.koumbit... sign this post
2013-09-25  https://id.koumbit... duh - i was blocking cookies.
2013-09-25  https://id.koumbit... i can reproduce this nasty bug...
2013-09-24  http://smcv.pseudo... (no commit message)
2013-09-24 (no commit message)
2013-09-24  http://ailin.devio... (no commit message)
2013-09-24  http://ailin.devio... (no commit message)
2013-09-22 Added a comment
2013-09-22 ikiwiki git-annex example online
2013-09-22  http://smcv.pseudo... (no commit message)
2013-09-22  http://smcv.pseudo... Added a comment
2013-09-22 (no commit message)
2013-09-21  https://id.koumbit... link to the git-annex feature request
2013-09-21  https://id.koumbit... Added a comment: opened todo
2013-09-21  https://id.koumbit... explicitely request git-annex support
2013-09-19 (no commit message)
2013-09-18  Amitai Schlairworkaround noworkaround
2013-09-18 git revert and push said "prohibited by allowed_attachm...
2013-09-18 rename rcs.mdwn to rcs.Makefile
2013-09-17  http://smcv.pseudo... removed
2013-09-17  http://smcv.pseudo... Added a comment
2013-09-17  http://smcv.pseudo... (no commit message)
2013-09-17  http://smcv.pseudo... (no commit message)
2013-09-17  http://smcv.pseudo... Added a comment
2013-09-16 (no commit message)
2013-09-16  chrysncomment response
2013-09-16  http://smcv.pseudo... response
2013-09-16  http://smcv.pseudo... (no commit message)
2013-09-15  Amitai SchlairRevert spam
2013-09-15  spain1001(no commit message)
2013-09-15  spain1001(no commit message)
2013-09-15  Amitai Schlairtemplate a red herring; toc vs. inline guilty
2013-09-14 demote MacPorts until further notice
2013-09-14 stop recommending MacPorts for OS X until further notice
2013-09-14 MacPorts is seriously lagging, pkgsrc is not
2013-09-14 Added a comment: that someone is probably elsewhere
2013-09-14 (no commit message)
2013-09-14  chrysncomment on definetemplate plugin
2013-09-13  http://smcv.pseudo... new plugin which sort of solves this
2013-09-10  http://smcv.pseudo... Added a comment
2013-09-09 (no commit message)
2013-09-09  chrysncomment on web bug issue: how heise does it
2013-09-09  https://id.koumbit... (no commit message)
2013-09-09 vote (Accept only OpenID for logins)
2013-09-08  Amitai Schlairdocument spam caught by chrysn (+ a grep pattern)
2013-09-08  chrysnrevert spam
2013-09-08  spain1001(no commit message)
2013-09-07  https://id.koumbit... (no commit message)
2013-09-07  https://id.koumbit... this seems to be a more widespread problem, maybe we...
2013-09-07  https://id.koumbit... whee, working patch *and* unit test
2013-09-07  https://id.koumbit... (no commit message)