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2007-03-07  joeymention git
2007-02-20  joey* Make img plugin not fail immediately if Image::Magick...
2007-02-09  joey* viewcvs is now viewvc (in Debian unstable), update...
2007-01-31  joeytighten gettext versioning
2007-01-16  joey* Gettext 1.04 or up is needed for the OO interface...
2006-12-29  joey* Initial work on internationalization of the program...
2006-11-28  joey* More build deps updates.
2006-11-27  joeyreleasing version 1.34.1
2006-11-20  joeyget rid of wikiformat build dep
2006-11-20  joey* Make auth methods pluggable.
2006-11-01  joey* Patch from James Westby to support podcasting, photob...
2006-10-30  joey* Add perlmagick to build-depends so syntax check of...
2006-10-27  joey* Add missing dependency on the URI perl module.
2006-10-21  joeyadd perlmagick
2006-10-04  joeyadd XS-Vcs-Svn field
2006-09-16  joey* Version the libcgi-session-perl dependency, some...
2006-09-07  joeytypo
2006-09-06  joeyreword
2006-09-06  joeyreword
2006-09-06  joey* Add support for mercurial, contributed by Emanuele Aina.
2006-09-06  joeyupdate
2006-09-05  joeyadd tla
2006-09-04  joey* Add support for tla, contributed by Clint Adama....
2006-08-19  joeyadd python-docutils
2006-07-30  joey* Change meta tags to use html entity-escaped text...
2006-07-30  joey* ikiwiki can now download and aggregate feeds with...
2006-07-29  joey* htmltidy plugin from Faidon.
2006-07-29  joey * Build-depend on libtext-wikiformat-perl, so that...
2006-07-26  joeyreleasing version 1.9
2006-07-02  joey* Parse svn log as xml for improved utf8 and security...
2006-06-27  joey* Support pinging services such as Technorati using...
2006-06-18  joeyreleasing version 1.6
2006-06-12  joeyadd perl to build deps
2006-06-02  joey* Add support for using git instead of subversion as...
2006-05-26  joey* Rebuilding on upgrade to this version is recommended.
2006-05-08  joey* Add libc6-dev to dependencies, needed to build wrappers.
2006-04-29  joeyreleasing version 1.0
2006-04-25  joeyimplemented html sanitisation
2006-04-20  joeyversion formbuilder dep
2006-04-04  joeyfix package name
2006-04-03  joeyadd dep on libtimedate-perl for str2time
2006-03-29  joeyadded --hyperestraier switch, which turns on search support
2006-03-24  joeyfoo
2006-03-15  joeydebianise