Guessed right, but practically wrong => let's clear the mess and fix things up?
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2011-05-10  intrigeriGuessed right, but practically wrong => let's clear...
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2011-05-07  intrigeriReply: well, maybe 't was a bit quick.
2011-05-07  intrigeriCleanup.
2011-05-06  Joey HessAdd conflict with libyaml-libyaml-perl, since that...
2011-04-22  intrigeriAdd reference to YAML::XS bug in upstream bug tracker.
2011-04-22  intrigeriArgh.
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2011-04-16  intrigeriReply.
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2011-04-15  intrigeriMention workaround.
2011-04-15  intrigeriReporting bug: YAML setup files vs. UTF-8 vs. YAML...