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2007-01-31  joey* Fix several more missing translations of Discussion.
2007-01-28  joey* More gettext fun.
2007-01-28  joeycheck ikiwiki.pot into svn to avoid problems
2007-01-28  joeyupdate
2007-01-27  joey* French translation update. Closes: #408593
2007-01-19  joeyunfuzzy
2007-01-14  joeyunfuzzy
2007-01-14  joey* Add French translation by Jean-Luc Coulon. Closes...
2007-01-14  joeyunfuzzy
2007-01-14  joeyfix broken format string, manual unfuzzy
2007-01-14  joeyadd translation
2007-01-12  joeyImprove error message when postsignin (probably from...
2007-01-12  joey* Add a Gujarati translation by Kartik Mistry. Closes...
2007-01-12  joey* Add a Bulgarian translation by Damyan Ivanov. Closes...
2007-01-11  joeyremove \n from gettexed string, and unfuzzy
2007-01-11  joey* Add a Czech translation by Miroslav Kure.
2007-01-11  joey* Add a Swedish translation by Daniel Nylander. Closes...
2007-01-10  joey* Include the pot file in the source tarball. Closes...
2007-01-05  joey* Added a Polish translation by Paweł Tęcza.
2007-01-04  joeyadded some comments for translators
2007-01-04  joeyCorrected a fuzzy. Changed some error message translati...
2007-01-03  joey* Added a Spanish translation by Victor Moral.
2006-12-29  joeyneed to build to get the pot
2006-12-29  joey* Initial work on internationalization of the program...