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2006-05-04  joey* Added smiley plugin, nicely controlled and documented...
2006-05-02  joey* Added plugin system, currently only supporting for...
2006-05-01  joey* Rename inlinepage to depends, so that it can be used...
2006-04-26  joeyfix
2006-04-25  joeyback to base
2006-04-25  joeysubscription nearly done
2006-04-10  joeyadd basic borders around blog posts
2006-04-04  joeyrenamed
2006-04-04  joeyConvert postprocessordirectives into preprocessordirect...
2006-03-29  joeydon't clear h1 padding
2006-03-29  joeyadded --hyperestraier switch, which turns on search support
2006-03-29  joeyupdates from src
2006-03-29  joeycss support
2006-03-24  joeyhold onto your hats, full-fledged blogging has arrived...
2006-03-23  joeyimprove
2006-03-23  joeyimprove
2006-03-23  joeyadd another example
2006-03-23  joeyadded adminuser settings, globlist support, and used...
2006-03-20  joeyadd
2006-03-19  joeyswitch default new page location to not be a subpage
2006-03-19  joeydon't lock before setup
2006-03-19  joeyadded basewiki