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2006-05-03  joeyrather a lot of changes to make hyperestraier search...
2006-05-01  joey* Rename inlinepage to depends, so that it can be used...
2006-04-25  joeymore
2006-04-25  joeyformatting
2006-04-25  joeysubscription nearly done
2006-04-04  joeyConvert postprocessordirectives into preprocessordirect...
2006-04-02  joey- add <base> to cgi output, this is especially useful...
2006-03-29  joeyfixes
2006-03-29  joeyadded --hyperestraier switch, which turns on search support
2006-03-29  joeycss support
2006-03-29  joeymissing <p>
2006-03-29  joeyhtml validation fixes:
2006-03-24  joeyno need to use h2's here
2006-03-24  joeyfoo
2006-03-24  joeyadd blog post template
2006-03-24  joeyswitch to h1 for page titles since pages tend to have...
2006-03-24  joeyadd archive pages and fix some bugs
2006-03-24  joeyhold onto your hats, full-fledged blogging has arrived...
2006-03-23  joeyimprove description field for rss
2006-03-23  joeyadd support for generating per-page rss feeds
2006-03-21  joeyprefs page implemented
2006-03-21  joeyadd --diffurl, if set RecentChanges has links to svn diffs
2006-03-20  joeyadded last changed timestamp for pages
2006-03-19  joeylink to helponformatting from the edit page
2006-03-19  joeyconflict detection, merging, etc should be done now...
2006-03-19  joeyfirst cut at svn merge and conflict
2006-03-16  joeyadd a header to page preview section
2006-03-16  joeydd page preview
2006-03-13  joeynbsp hack to separate out the buttons a bit.
2006-03-13  joey- Add Discussion links to the button bar, these will...
2006-03-12  joeytemplatize commit types, so it could use icons, or whatever
2006-03-12  joey- finish user registration and password request email
2006-03-12  joeyfix
2006-03-12  joey- use templates for signin form, error messages
2006-03-12  joeyimprove message
2006-03-12  joeyadd rev as comment to shut up html::template
2006-03-12  joeydoh
2006-03-12  joeytemplate for recentchanges
2006-03-12  joeyuse template for page rendering