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cosmetics patch from Recai
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2006-11-08  joey* Make sure to check for errors from every eval.
2006-11-08  joey* Enable utf8 file IO in aggregate plugin.
2006-11-06  joeytypo
2006-11-04  joey* Fix issue with aggregate plugin updating expired pages.
2006-11-01  joey* Implemented expiry options for aggregate plugin.
2006-10-13  joey* Make the aggregate plugin emphasize error messages.
2006-09-09  joey* Work on firming up the plugin interface:
2006-09-07  joeyshorten further
2006-09-07  joeyremove the "0 new", it's not very useful
2006-09-02  joey* Add processed date to aggregate preprocessor directiv...
2006-08-28  joeybugnum
2006-08-17  joey* Fix a bug in the aggregator introduced last version...
2006-08-16  joey* Fix an infinite loop in the aggregator when finding...
2006-08-16  joey* Add some locking to prevent 2 aggregators from runnin...
2006-08-13  joey* The last release accidentially installed ikiwiki...
2006-08-05  joeymisc changes
2006-08-04  joeyuse htmlpage a couple of places instead of hardcoding...
2006-08-04  joeyoops
2006-08-04  joey* Make aggregator save permalinks and author name to...
2006-08-03  joey* Try to handle relative links in aggregated feeds...
2006-08-02  joeyoops
2006-08-02  joey* Renamed GlobLists to PageSpecs.
2006-07-31  joeyone more change; use the page that pulls in a feed...
2006-07-31  joeyfix
2006-07-30  joey* Change meta tags to use html entity-escaped text...
2006-07-30  joeyescape slashes in page names
2006-07-30  joeywhen autogenerating a dir naem, include "feed/" in it
2006-07-30  joeyfix
2006-07-30  joeyneed to lower-case pages, sigh..
2006-07-30  joeyerase old tags
2006-07-30  joeystop abusing titlepage for internal encoding (esp since...
2006-07-30  joeyfix encoding of some stuff
2006-07-30  joeymore robust and faster handling of feedurls
2006-07-30  joeyrobustness and etc
2006-07-30  joeydeal with title-less feeds
2006-07-30  joeymd5 can't handle wide chars
2006-07-30  joeyfixes, and make dir optional
2006-07-30  joey* ikiwiki can now download and aggregate feeds with...