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2006-04-25  joeyimplemented html sanitisation
2006-04-24  joeyupdate
2006-04-20  joeyfix broken example config file and detect this breakage
2006-04-03  joeyfix mode quoting and fix commenting out of wrapper block
2006-03-29  joeyadded --hyperestraier switch, which turns on search support
2006-03-24  joeyfixes
2006-03-23  joeyadd support for generating per-page rss feeds
2006-03-23  joey*warning* any wrappers built with a previous version...
2006-03-23  joeyadded adminuser settings, globlist support, and used...
2006-03-21  joeyadd --diffurl, if set RecentChanges has links to svn diffs
2006-03-20  joeyfix setup file error
2006-03-15  joeyimprove
2006-03-15  joeyconfig files now based on perl modules
2006-03-13  joeyimproved setup file more
2006-03-13  joeydocument setup files