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2007-09-07  joeyweb commit by arpitjain11: Gallery Plugin added
2007-09-07  joeyweb commit by arpitjain11
2007-09-05  joeyupdate excludes
2007-09-02  joeyweb commit by tschwinge: I'm running Debian unstable...
2007-08-31  joeyweb commit by tschwinge: Once again.
2007-08-31  joeyweb commit by tschwinge: Further info.
2007-08-31  joeyweb commit by tschwinge: Response.
2007-08-30  joeyupdate
2007-08-30  joeyweb commit by tschwinge: Fix formatting from hell, again.
2007-08-30  joeyweb commit by tschwinge: Error message.
2007-08-28  joey* Support for looking in multiple directories for under...
2007-08-26  joey* Add an editcontent hook.
2007-08-24  joeyresp
2007-08-23  joeyrename tex to teximg
2007-08-23  joey* Add embed plugin, which allows embedding content...
2007-08-23  joeyweb commit by PatrickWinnertz
2007-08-23  joeyweb commit by jeremie.koenig.myopenid.com/: correction
2007-08-23  joeyweb commit by PatrickWinnertz: put in some documentatio...
2007-08-23  joeyweb commit by ManojSrivastava
2007-08-22  joey* Call the formbuilder hook for the edit page.
2007-08-22  joey* Added tex plugin to generate images from latex code.
2007-08-21  joeyweb commit by tschwinge: Typo fix.
2007-08-21  joeyfixes
2007-08-21  joeyfix
2007-08-21  joeyreorg all the pages about rcs backends. Fix all links
2007-08-20  joey* Add color parameter to postsparkline. Closes: #438900
2007-08-17  joeyrevert
2007-08-17  joeyclean up
2007-08-17  joeylink to format_escape
2007-08-17  joey* Applied Jeremie Koenig's pluggable editpage buttons...
2007-08-17  joeycomments
2007-08-17  joeyrst plugin allows raw html now
2007-08-17  joeyweb commit by jeremie.koenig.myopenid.com/: add a plugi...
2007-08-16  joeyweb commit by jeremie.koenig.myopenid.com/: disable...
2007-08-16  joeyweb commit by jeremie.koenig.myopenid.com/: plugin...
2007-08-16  joeyweb commit by http://jeremie.koenig.myopenid.com/
2007-08-15  joeyresp
2007-08-15  joeyweb commit by tschwinge: Hmm.
2007-08-15  joeyhmmm?
2007-08-15  joeyweb commit by tschwinge: Doesn't work as suggested.
2007-08-15  joeyweb commit by jeremie.koenig.myopenid.com/: fix typos
2007-08-15  joeyweb commit by http://joey.kitenet.net/
2007-08-15  joeyweb commit by tschwinge: Question about emitting fewer...
2007-08-14  joeyweb commit by melissensaft.myopenid.com/: fixed by...
2007-08-13  joeyunescape
2007-08-13  joeyfix link
2007-08-13  joeyimproved docs, add a tutorial for writing plugins
2007-08-13  joeyreword
2007-08-13  joeytoc
2007-08-13  joeymemoization for injected RPC functions is a very, very...
2007-08-13  joeyperformance notes
2007-08-13  joey* Fix --libdir to work at the command line.
2007-08-12  joey* Add time=mtime option to postsparkline.
2007-08-11  joeyweb commit by http://melissensaft.myopenid.com/
2007-08-11  joeyweb commit by melissensaft.myopenid.com/: How can I...
2007-08-09  joeyweb commit by PaulWise: minor typo
2007-08-09  joeyweb commit by PaulWise
2007-08-09  joeyweb commit by PaulWise: remove bogus comment
2007-08-09  joeyweb commit by PaulWise: add headinganchors plugin
2007-08-05  joeydocument authorurl
2007-08-05  joey* Add sessioncgi hook.
2007-08-05  joey* Add rel=tag attribute to tag links, supporting that...
2007-08-05  joey* pagetemplate: don't display template name
2007-07-27  joeyweb commit by JordaPolo: Updated status and URLs.
2007-07-27  joey* Add a libdir config option to let ikiwiki load perl...
2007-07-26  joey* Add templatefile hook.
2007-07-25  joeymassive patchqueue reorg
2007-07-25  joeyadd warnings about using map, inline, etc with the...
2007-07-21  joeyweb commit by adam.shand.net/: sidebar headers showing...
2007-07-20  joeyweb commit by adam.shand.net/: grammatical cleanup
2007-07-17  joeyimprove urlto docs
2007-07-15  joey* In img tag, allow link=no to disable link to full...
2007-07-12  joeyweb commit by http://davrieb.livejournal.com/
2007-07-12  joeyweb commit by nis.martensen: Mention meaning of first...
2007-07-11  joeyon second thought, simple alphanumeric styles are not...
2007-07-11  joey* Allow simple alphanumeric style attribute values...
2007-07-07  joeyweb commit by TaylorKillian
2007-07-06  joeyweb commit by victormoral.myopenid.com/: errata
2007-07-06  joeyweb commit by victormoral.myopenid.com/: new design...
2007-06-15  joeyfix header
2007-06-15  joeyweb commit by victormoral.myopenid.com/: bad news about...
2007-06-13  joeyweb commit by victormoral.myopenid.com/: version 0.6
2007-06-12  joeyweb commit by victormoral.myopenid.com/: initial announ...
2007-06-05  joey* Add typographyattributes configuration setting to...
2007-05-30  joeyweb commit by ptecza.myopenid.com/: * Thanks!
2007-05-30  joeyresponse
2007-05-30  joeyweb commit by ptecza.myopenid.com/: * Question about...
2007-05-28  joey* Apply a patch from Carl Worth allowing a class attrib...
2007-05-28  joeyescape some code
2007-05-20  joeymove inline parameter docs to blog page so they're...
2007-05-19  joeymove examples of how to use shortcuts into the shortcut...
2007-05-19  joeymove template documentation into the basewiki, in the...
2007-05-18  joeyweb commit by KarlMW
2007-05-18  joeyweb commit by KarlMW: wanting a map using page titles
2007-05-17  joey* Add a destpage parameter to the filter hook.
2007-05-17  joey* Fix some bugs in password handling:
2007-05-17  joeyweb commit by KarlMW
2007-05-12  joeyuse a tag cloud for plugin types
2007-05-09  joey* Add the needsbuild hook. Plugins can use this to...
2007-05-09  joey* Add all=no option to conditional, can be used to...