[ikiwiki.git] / po / ikiwiki.pot
2007-02-08  joey* Add "reverse" option to inline to invert sort orders.
2007-02-07  joeyimprove
2007-02-07  joeyfixes and more tests
2007-02-06  joey* Patch based on a patch from Ethan to support relative...
2007-02-02  joey* Add canedit hook, allowing arbitrary controls over...
2007-01-31  joey* Fix several more missing translations of Discussion.
2007-01-28  joey* More gettext fun.
2007-01-28  joeycheck ikiwiki.pot into svn to avoid problems
2006-12-29  joeyneed to build to get the pot
2006-12-29  joey* Initial work on internationalization of the program...