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2006-12-09  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett
2006-12-08  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett: Fix links.
2006-12-08  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett
2006-12-02  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett
2006-12-02  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett
2006-12-02  joey* The hack used to make the pagetemplate hook have...
2006-11-22  joeyweb commit by http://joey.kitenet.net/
2006-11-22  joeyweb commit by ScottHenson
2006-11-10  joey* Work around a strange bug in CGI::FormBuilder 3.0401...
2006-11-08  joey* Make sure to check for errors from every eval.
2006-11-08  joeyweb commit by joey: responses
2006-11-08  joeyupdate
2006-11-08  joeythis is really a todo item, not a bug
2006-11-08  joeyresponse
2006-10-27  joeyweb commit by MarkBucciarelli
2006-10-25  joeyweb commit by ScottHenson
2006-10-25  joeyresponse
2006-10-24  joeyweb commit by ScottHenson
2006-10-24  joeyresponse
2006-10-23  joeyweb commit by ScottHenson
2006-10-23  joeyweb commit by MarkBucciarelli
2006-10-12  joeyweb commit by SteveRobbins
2006-10-12  joeyweb commit by SteveRobbins: Downgrade fixed problem
2006-10-10  joeyweb commit by SteveRobbins: Response with FormBuilder...
2006-10-10  joeyweb commit by DonMarti
2006-10-08  joey* Change %renderedfiles to store an array of files...
2006-10-08  joeymove
2006-10-07  joeyresponse
2006-10-06  joeyweb commit by SteveRobbins
2006-10-06  joeyweb commit by SteveRobbins
2006-10-02  joeyweb commit by RecaiOktas: Replace partial patch with...
2006-10-02  joeyweb commit by RecaiOktas: Using FindBin in ikiwiki.pl.
2006-09-29  joeyweb commit by RecaiOktas: Revert last change in patch.
2006-09-27  joeyweb commit by RecaiOktas: Revise patch (joey: sorry...
2006-09-27  joeyweb commit by RecaiOktas: Patch for 'pruning_is_too_str...
2006-09-27  joeyweb commit by RecaiOktas
2006-09-25  joeyremove since this is a duplicate with the new "prining...
2006-09-25  joeyweb commit by EthanGlasserCamp: bug description
2006-09-25  joeyweb commit by EthanGlasserCamp
2006-09-21  joeyresponse
2006-09-21  joeymove, this contains todo items, not bugs
2006-09-21  joeyupdate
2006-09-21  joeyweb commit by ScottHenson
2006-09-19  joeyweb commit by StefanoZacchiroli
2006-09-16  joeyweb commit by JamesWestby
2006-09-16  joey* Support Text::Markdown from CPAN, which has a differe...
2006-09-16  joeyweb commit by JamesWestby
2006-09-16  joeyweb commit by JamesWestby
2006-09-16  joeyresponse
2006-09-16  joeyweb commit by JamesWestby
2006-09-16  joey * Patch from James Westby to deal with the case where...
2006-09-16  joey* Deal with CPAN installing Markdown as Text::Markdown...
2006-09-16  joeyweb commit by JamesWestby: Add a note about Markdown...
2006-09-16  joeyweb commit by JamesWestby: Add a bug and patch for...
2006-09-07  joey* Add a linkmap plugin (requires graphviz).
2006-09-04  joeyfix
2006-09-04  joey* Drop real uid/gid in the suid wrapper, thus allowing...
2006-08-25  joey* Use DESTDIR and not PREFIX to specify installation...
2006-08-24  www-dataweb commit by EdAvis
2006-08-24  joeyresponse
2006-08-23  www-dataweb commit by EdAvis
2006-08-22  joeyrevert broken parentlinks fix, which was broken, explai...
2006-08-21  joey* Clean up behavior with broken parentlinks.
2006-08-21  joeymove to bug page
2006-08-02  joeythoughts
2006-08-02  joey* Renamed GlobLists to PageSpecs.
2006-07-30  joey* Title metadata of inlined pages now shows up in blogs...
2006-07-02  joeyupdates
2006-07-02  joeyugh, this is a tricky one..
2006-07-02  joeybug
2006-07-02  joey* Centralised all calls to HTML::Template and force...
2006-07-02  www-dataweb commit by joey
2006-07-02  www-dataweb commit by joey
2006-07-02  joey so make sure to let perl know it should be handled...
2006-07-02  www-dataweb commit by ThomasSchwinge: HelpOnFormatting link...
2006-07-02  joey* Parse svn log as xml for improved utf8 and security...
2006-07-02  joey* Honor LC_CTIME when formatting a time for display...
2006-06-23  joeyadd
2006-06-23  joeymake the bugs page work like the todo page