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2006-07-31  joeyfix title metadata on blogs, reorg needed to do it...
2006-07-30  joey* Title metadata of inlined pages now shows up in blogs...
2006-07-30  joey* Change meta tags to use html entity-escaped text...
2006-07-30  www-dataweb commit by JonasSmedegaard: Corrected typo: imge...
2006-07-30  joeyimproce
2006-07-30  joeyfix
2006-07-30  joeysecurity note
2006-07-30  joeyfixes, and make dir optional
2006-07-30  joey* ikiwiki can now download and aggregate feeds with...
2006-07-30  joey* Add a run_hooks function for the common task of runni...
2006-07-29  www-dataweb commit by joey: fix format
2006-07-29  joeyadd news item for ikiwiki 1.12
2006-07-29  joeyupdats
2006-07-29  joeyadd type pages
2006-07-29  joey* Tag plugins according to type.
2006-07-29  joeyadd fortune
2006-07-29  joey* fortune plugin (trivial)
2006-07-29  joeyright paper
2006-07-29  joey* Locale patch from Faidon:
2006-07-29  joey* htmltidy plugin from Faidon.
2006-07-29  www-dataweb commit by FaidonLiambotis: Add HTML Tidy plugin...
2006-07-29  joeyremove this, pagestats is too slow and it was mostly...
2006-07-29  www-dataweb commit by FaidonLiambotis: Revise the locale patch
2006-07-29  joeymore links
2006-07-29  joey"Viva l'Italia!"
2006-07-29  joeymercuriual backend in progress
2006-07-29  joeyadd pagestats
2006-07-29  joey* New pagestats plugin from Enrico, which can generate...
2006-07-29  joey* Put categories in rss feeds for tagged items.
2006-07-28  joey* Add exclude option in setup files, works same as...
2006-07-28  joeyimprove
2006-07-28  joey* Add getopt hook type, this allows plugins to add...
2006-07-28  joeysmall improvements
2006-07-28  joeyanother doubled escape removed
2006-07-28  www-dataweb commit by joey
2006-07-28  joeyadd news item for ikiwiki 1.11
2006-07-28  joeydon't need double-escape on indented literal text as...
2006-07-28  www-dataweb commit by joey
2006-07-28  www-dataweb commit by joey
2006-07-28  www-dataweb commit by joey
2006-07-28  joeyHope encrico doesn't mind, but I changed the location...
2006-07-27  joeymore destpage improvements
2006-07-27  joey* Switch pagetemplate hooks to using named parameters.
2006-07-27  www-dataweb commit by JonasSmedegaard: A little something about...
2006-07-27  www-dataweb commit by JonasSmedegaard: Small typo: "a a" -> "as a"
2006-07-27  joey - Adds a tag plugin that allows more easily tagging...
2006-07-27  joey* Patch from Enrico that
2006-07-26  joeyfoo
2006-07-26  joeyadd
2006-07-26  joeyadd news item for ikiwiki 1.10
2006-07-26  www-dataweb commit by joey
2006-07-26  joeyfix
2006-07-26  joeyfix
2006-07-26  joey* Run page through any relevant filters when generating...
2006-07-26  www-dataweb commit by joey
2006-07-26  www-dataweb commit by joey
2006-07-26  joeyadd news item for ikiwiki 1.9
2006-07-26  www-dataweb commit by joey
2006-07-26  joeydone
2006-07-26  joey* Patch from Recai to allow selection of page type...
2006-07-26  www-dataweb commit by joey
2006-07-26  www-dataweb commit by joey: comments on patch..
2006-07-22  www-dataweb commit by gsf
2006-07-11  joeyon second though, just remove done patches
2006-07-11  joeyupdate
2006-07-11  joeyuse archive format
2006-07-11  joey* Consolidated all decode_utf8 in FormBuilder's fields...
2006-07-11  joey* Match 'web commit from' in SVN and git, these are...
2006-07-11  joeyadd
2006-07-11  joeyadd
2006-07-11  joeyfoo
2006-07-11  www-dataweb commit by joey
2006-07-11  www-dataweb commit by joey
2006-07-11  www-dataweb commit by joey
2006-07-11  www-dataweb commit by joey
2006-07-11  www-dataweb commit by joey
2006-07-07  joeysimplify
2006-07-07  joey* Support a w3mmode, which lets w3m run ikiwiki using...
2006-07-07  joeyweb commit from
2006-07-07  joeyhtml too
2006-07-07  joey* Add wikitext markup plugin, which supports ".wiki...
2006-07-05  joey* Patch from Faidon to use svn --limit when possible...
2006-07-05  joeyfix
2006-07-05  joeymeta done a while ago
2006-07-04  joey* Improve display of parentlinks and page title of...
2006-07-04  www-dataweb commit by joey
2006-07-04  joeyadd news item for ikiwiki 1.8
2006-07-04  joey* Memoize abs2rel, which is still kinda slow, for anoth...
2006-07-04  joey* Make RecentChanges use a table and some CSS, should...
2006-07-04  joeyupdate
2006-07-04  joey* Make ikiwiki --setup --refresh rebuild wrappers,...
2006-07-04  joeyupdate
2006-07-03  joeyfoo
2006-07-03  joeyword wrap
2006-07-03  joeyfix
2006-07-03  joeyfix
2006-07-03  joeymisc updated
2006-07-03  joey* Add a html plugin, which can be used to write wikis...
2006-07-03  joey* Support htmlize plugins and make mdwn one such plugin...
2006-07-03  joey* Introduce add_plugins and disable_plugins config...