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2014-09-12  Simon McVittieikiwiki (3.20140916) unstable; urgency=low
2014-01-31  Anders KaseorgMerge commit 'baaa848f6c06b0b3a59677d3551e130c65e5fde7...
2013-07-11  Joey Hessikiwiki (3.20130711) unstable; urgency=low
2010-08-27  Jonas SmedegaardMerge branch 'master' of git://git.ikiwiki.info
2010-06-25  intrigeriMerge remote branch 'upstream/master' into prv/po
2010-04-17  Joey HessMerge remote branch 'davrieb/autotag' into autotag
2010-04-07  Joey HessMerge remote branch 'smcv/ready/sort-package'
2010-03-26  Joey Hessfix the other half of the filecheck filename bug
2010-03-26  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2010-03-26  http://kerravonsen... It works!
2010-03-26  Joey Hesspatch
2010-03-26  http://kerravonsen... oh dear not fixed after all
2010-03-25  Joey Hessfilecheck: Fix bug that prevented the pagespecs from...
2010-03-25  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2010-03-25  http://kerravonsen... response
2010-03-25  Joey Hessresponse
2010-03-25  http://kerravonsen... I'm not sure if I'm supposed to tag this as patch,...
2010-03-25  http://kerravonsen... bug and fix