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2008-02-05  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' into prefix-directives
2008-01-30  Joey HessMerge git://
2008-01-29  Joey Hess * prettydate,ddate: Don't ignore time formats passed...
2008-01-07  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2008-01-07  Joey Hessfix some bad copy and pasted plugin ids
2007-11-14  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2007-11-14  Joey Hessprottype fixes
2007-05-06  joeyimprove a string
2007-04-27  joey* pagespec_match() has changed to take named parameters...
2007-02-15  joeyimprove string
2007-02-15  joeyadd day of week to prettydate, and i18n
2007-02-15  joeysupress redef warning
2007-02-15  joey* Add a prettydate plugin that formats dates in a more...