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update instructions to work with new debian apache packages
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2013-06-04  Joey Hessupdate instructions to work with new debian apache packages
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2013-01-18  http://claimid.com... Added note about apache2 userdir mod.
2012-11-29  Amitai SchlairMerge branch 'master' into cvs
2012-09-20  https://id.koumbit... allow everyone to write to the cgi socket so that nginx...
2012-08-27  https://id.koumbit... small fixes on nginx documentation, refer to fastcgi stuff
2012-08-27  Antoine Beaupréexpand nginx documentation
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2010-10-04  https://www.google... Adding apache2 dependencies to enable CGI
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2009-06-08  http://davide.viti... Instructions to allow .cgi files to execute from anywhe...
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2009-02-01  Joey Hessdoc updates for goto branch merge
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