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web commit by tuomov: Latest patch version
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2007-02-21  joeyweb commit by tuomov: Latest patch version
2007-02-21  joeyactually include the updated patch this time
2007-02-21  joeyPull all the patches and fragements of patches from...
2007-02-20  joey* perl is broken: print "" || die fails! Work around...
2007-02-20  joeyweb commit by tuomov: bah
2007-02-20  joeyweb commit by tuomov: Counter-review
2007-02-20  joeyweb commit by ethan.betacantrips.com/: response
2007-02-20  joeyweb commit by tuomov: Rationale
2007-02-20  joeyweb commit by ethan.betacantrips.com/: thanks!
2007-02-20  joeyweb commit by tuomov: typo/braino fix
2007-02-20  joeyweb commit by tuomov: Explanation etc.
2007-02-20  joeyweb commit by tuomov: solution to one problem, and...
2007-02-20  joeyresponses
2007-02-20  joeyweb commit by ethan.betacantrips.com/: ooh, activity
2007-02-20  joeyweb commit by tuomov: Responses
2007-02-20  joeyupdate
2007-02-20  joeymeh
2007-02-20  joeyfound some problems in plugins
2007-02-20  joeyupdates
2007-02-20  joeybeginning of review and updated patch
2007-02-20  joeyweb commit by http://id.inelegant.org/
2007-02-19  joeyweb commit by ethan.betacantrips.com/: hmm, applies...
2007-02-19  joeyweb commit by id.inelegant.org/: <aol>I agree</aol>
2007-02-12  joeyweb commit by tuomov: use_dirs patch
2007-02-12  joeyweb commit by tuomov: Another approach
2007-02-12  joeyweb commit by ethan.betacantrips.com/: hmm, interesting
2007-02-12  joeyweb commit by ethan.betacantrips.com/: update for 1...
2007-02-03  joeyweb commit by per.bothner.com/: Alternate simple patch...
2007-01-18  joeyweb commit by ethan.betacantrips.com/: found another one
2007-01-16  joeyweb commit by ethan.betacantrips.com/: turns out I...
2007-01-11  joeyweb commit by ethan.betacantrips.com/: link to whitespa...
2006-11-08  joeyweb commit by EthanGlasserCamp: use a real patch format...
2006-10-02  joeyweb commit by EthanGlasserCamp: This is what I wanted.