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2013-09-22  http://smcv.pseudo... Added a comment
2013-09-22 (no commit message)
2013-09-21  https://id.koumbit... link to the git-annex feature request
2013-09-21  https://id.koumbit... Added a comment: opened todo
2013-09-21  https://id.koumbit... explicitely request git-annex support
2013-09-19 (no commit message)
2013-09-18  Amitai Schlairworkaround noworkaround
2013-09-18 git revert and push said "prohibited by allowed_attachm...
2013-09-18 rename rcs.mdwn to rcs.Makefile
2013-09-17  http://smcv.pseudo... removed
2013-09-17  http://smcv.pseudo... Added a comment
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2013-09-17  http://smcv.pseudo... (no commit message)
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2013-09-16  chrysncomment response
2013-09-16  http://smcv.pseudo... response
2013-09-16  http://smcv.pseudo... (no commit message)
2013-09-15  Amitai SchlairRevert spam
2013-09-15  spain1001(no commit message)
2013-09-15  spain1001(no commit message)
2013-09-15  Amitai Schlairtemplate a red herring; toc vs. inline guilty
2013-09-14 demote MacPorts until further notice
2013-09-14 stop recommending MacPorts for OS X until further notice
2013-09-14 MacPorts is seriously lagging, pkgsrc is not
2013-09-14 Added a comment: that someone is probably elsewhere
2013-09-14 (no commit message)
2013-09-14  chrysncomment on definetemplate plugin
2013-09-13  http://smcv.pseudo... new plugin which sort of solves this
2013-09-10  http://smcv.pseudo... Added a comment
2013-09-09 (no commit message)
2013-09-09  chrysncomment on web bug issue: how heise does it
2013-09-09  https://id.koumbit... (no commit message)
2013-09-09 vote (Accept only OpenID for logins)
2013-09-08  Amitai Schlairdocument spam caught by chrysn (+ a grep pattern)
2013-09-08  chrysnrevert spam
2013-09-08  spain1001(no commit message)
2013-09-07  https://id.koumbit... (no commit message)
2013-09-07  https://id.koumbit... this seems to be a more widespread problem, maybe we...
2013-09-07  https://id.koumbit... whee, working patch *and* unit test
2013-09-07  https://id.koumbit... (no commit message)
2013-09-07  https://id.koumbit... more info
2013-09-07  https://id.koumbit... that one bug was hard to diagnose!
2013-09-07  https://id.koumbit... (no commit message)
2013-09-07  https://id.koumbit... i ended up making a new plugin, and it works pretty...
2013-09-07  https://id.koumbit... put this in a branch
2013-09-07  https://id.koumbit... some progress: try to send a single email per refresh...
2013-09-06  https://id.koumbit... sign this page so it ends up in my index
2013-09-06  https://id.koumbit... sign this page so it ends up in my index
2013-09-06  https://id.koumbit... (no commit message)
2013-09-06  https://id.koumbit... and here's a patch
2013-09-06  https://id.koumbit... notifyemail actually doesn't work here
2013-09-06  https://id.koumbit... remove instances from an old doc
2013-09-06  https://id.koumbit... why a directive?
2013-09-06  https://id.koumbit... toc
2013-09-06  https://id.koumbit... simplify
2013-09-06  https://id.koumbit... add a practical example on how to do a mirror
2013-09-06  Amitai SchlairRevert spam
2013-09-05  Amitai Schlairthe latest incarnation of tekschen
2013-09-05  soman81(no commit message)
2013-09-05  soman81(no commit message)
2013-09-04 Added a comment
2013-09-04  karlberry(no commit message)
2013-09-04  Joey Hessadd news item for ikiwiki 3.20130904.1
2013-09-04  Joey Hessadd news item for ikiwiki 3.20130904
2013-08-27  Joey HessMerge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/dgit/dgit...
2013-08-26  https://launchpad... Added a comment
2013-08-24  cbainesAdd patch, and fix directive
2013-08-24  cbaines(no commit message)
2013-08-23  oneingrayRemoved a link to ‘’...
2013-08-22  Joey Hesstypo
2013-08-22  http://smcv.pseudo... despam
2013-08-22  webschen1(no commit message)
2013-08-22  chrysn(links ... how embarrassing)
2013-08-22  chrysnvcard proposal
2013-08-22  oneingrayUpdated the list of my Ikiwiki sites.
2013-08-21  Amitai Schlairadmin details on the spam caught by chrysn
2013-08-21  Amitai SchlairRevert spam.
2013-08-21  webschen1(no commit message)
2013-08-21  Amitai SchlairRevert spam.
2013-08-21  webschen1(no commit message)
2013-08-21  chrysnchanged obsolete link, confirmed my approach to be...
2013-08-21  chrysnmoved my patch branches from github to self-hosted
2013-08-21  chrysnRevert spam
2013-08-21  webschen1(no commit message)
2013-08-20  chrysnlinked video, added vcard topic
2013-08-19  Amitai Schlairadmin details on the spam caught by smcv
2013-08-19  http://smcv.pseudo... revert spam
2013-08-19  webschen1(no commit message)
2013-08-16  Amitai Schlairfailed to ban spammer
2013-08-16  Amitai Schlairtrack another spam commit
2013-08-16  Amitai SchlairRevert spam.
2013-08-16  webschen1(no commit message)
2013-08-15  Amitai Schlairtrack what appears to be a relative of tekschen
2013-08-15  Amitai SchlairRevert spam.
2013-08-15  Amitai SchlairRebased onto a new branch.
2013-08-15  webschen1(no commit message)
2013-08-13  chrysnrecent event on debconf: ikiwiki bof
2013-08-11  chrysn(another topic i'm interested in)