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Merge branch 'master' into fancypodcast
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2012-03-18  Simon McVittieMerge tag '3.20120202' into trail3-integrated
2012-01-01  Joey Hessfix test suite to work with discount
2010-08-27  Jonas SmedegaardMerge branch 'master' of git://git.ikiwiki.info
2010-08-22  intrigeriMerge remote branch 'upstream/master' into prv/po
2010-08-19  Joey Hessadd htmlscrubber colon in url cases to test suite
2008-06-04  Joey HessPass a destpage parameter to the sanitize hook.
2008-02-10  Joey Hessfix data:image handling
2008-02-10  Joey Hess* htmlscrubber security fix: Block javascript in uris.
2008-02-10  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.kitenet.net/srv...
2008-02-10  Joey Hessimproved sanitiser test suite
2008-02-10  Joey Hessnew test case
2006-09-09  joey* Work on firming up the plugin interface:
2006-08-28  joey* Change htmlize, format, and sanitize hooks to use...
2006-07-28  joey* Add exclude option in setup files, works same as...
2006-07-03  joey* Support htmlize plugins and make mdwn one such plugin...
2006-06-16  joeyadd a testcase for the weird markdown utf-8 crasher...
2006-06-15  joey* -CSD does not affect modules, so readfile() was not...