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fix encoding issues with link conversion
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2008-05-30  Joey Hessfix test to support rel=
2008-02-24  Joey Hessmisc improvements
2008-02-24  Joey Hessfix test to intialise plugins
2008-02-10  Josh TriplettMerge branch 'master' into prefix-directives
2008-02-05  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' into prefix-directives
2008-01-28  Joey Hessupdate test suite to fully test both with and without...
2008-01-28  Josh TriplettAdd new preprocessor directive syntax¸ using a '!' prefix.
2007-09-30  joeyarg, the test suite was testing for bugs
2007-04-29  joeyfix
2007-04-29  joeyupdates for usedirs
2007-04-14  joeysupport %destsources
2007-03-07  joeyMy fix to support encoded underscores in page titles...
2007-02-20  joey* Changed calling convention for httmllink slightly...
2007-02-20  joeyadd test
2006-12-28  joeycgiurl now needs to be set to get edit links
2006-10-08  joey* Change %renderedfiles to store an array of files...
2006-09-09  joey* Work on firming up the plugin interface:
2006-08-13  joeyupdate
2006-08-13  joey* The last release accidentially installed ikiwiki...
2006-05-26  joey* --getctime had bitrotted (well I only ever used it...
2006-05-26  joey* Rebuilding on upgrade to this version is recommended.
2006-05-04  joey dirname, basename, bestlink, linkify, pagetitle,...