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2010-09-03  http://poisonbit... update issue needing /etc as plain user
2010-09-03  http://poisonbit... Workaround for /etc files
2010-09-03  http://poisonbit... problem with /etc files
2010-09-03  http://poisonbit... checking again instructions, HTML::Scrubber does not...
2010-09-03  http://poisonbit... minor, delete a repited . ~/.bashrc
2010-09-03  http://poisonbit... Minor fixes/cleanups on my addition
2010-09-03  http://poisonbit... Modified, retested all with a clean user (last edition...
2010-09-03  http://poisonbit... deleting libexpat1-dev, only needed for perlbrew, not...
2010-09-03  http://poisonbit... Manual install as plain user (only curl and build-essen...
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2008-07-20  http://www.tychois... fixing my own stupdiy. really not *that* much of a...
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