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2006-10-11  joeycomments
2006-10-11  joeymove
2006-10-08  joey* Atom feed support based on a patch by Clint Adams.
2006-10-08  joey* Change %renderedfiles to store an array of files...
2006-10-06  joeyadd metadata
2006-10-06  joeycomments
2006-10-06  joeyweb commit by ChristianMock
2006-10-06  joeyweb commit by ChristianMock
2006-10-06  joeyweb commit by ChristianMock
2006-10-02  joeytag
2006-10-02  joeyweb commit by joey
2006-10-02  joeyadd meta info
2006-10-01  joeyweb commit by ChristianMock
2006-09-25  joey * inline: Add ability to sort by page name, based...
2006-09-21  joey* Add typography (SmartyPants) plugin by Recai.
2006-09-21  joeyupdate
2006-09-18  joeyestseek patch (slightly altered) and other replies
2006-09-16  joey* Updated ikiwiki.svgz from Recai, includes an icon...
2006-09-16  joey* pagetemplate hooks are now also called when generatin...
2006-09-14  joeyhail UB313!
2006-09-09  joey* Add a module version number to IkiWiki, so you can...
2006-09-09  joey* Work on firming up the plugin interface:
2006-09-09  joeyadd
2006-09-09  joey* Add a googlecalendar plugin. A bit special-purpose...
2006-09-07  joeyweb commit by joey
2006-09-07  joeyweb commit by joey
2006-09-07  joeyweb commit by joey
2006-09-07  joeysize limits
2006-09-07  joeyweb commit by joey
2006-09-07  joeytypo
2006-09-07  joey* Add a linkmap plugin (requires graphviz).
2006-09-02  joeynote that expire options are not yet implemented
2006-08-28  joey* Patch from James Westby to add an actions option...
2006-08-28  joey* Change htmlize, format, and sanitize hooks to use...
2006-08-28  joey* Add toc (table of contents) plugin.
2006-08-27  joeyadd
2006-08-27  joey* Added a ddate plugin.
2006-08-26  joey* Patch from James Westby to allow a description to...
2006-08-23  joeyupdate
2006-08-23  joeyno longer need triple quotes
2006-08-23  joey* Change order of linkify and preprocess; first preproc...
2006-08-23  joeyapplied patch
2006-08-23  www-dataweb commit by JordaPolo: Reply to comments; fix my name.
2006-08-23  joey* Allow preprocessor directives to contain python-like...
2006-08-23  joeyadd a missing closing ] on example directive
2006-08-23  joeyreorganise, include preprocess in the right order
2006-08-22  joeyrevert broken parentlinks fix, which was broken, explai...
2006-08-21  www-dataweb commit by joey: comments
2006-08-21  www-dataweb commit by JordaPolo: Fixed preformatted text.
2006-08-21  www-dataweb commit by JordaPolo: Added linguas plugin.
2006-08-19  joeyclarify
2006-08-19  joey* Add first draft at a Restructured Text (rst) plugin...
2006-08-18  joeyclarify
2006-08-18  joey* Add otl format plugin, which handles files as created...
2006-08-18  joeyclarification
2006-08-18  joeyremove maxdepth, it can be accomplished by pagespec...
2006-08-18  joey* Add a map plugin contributed by Alessandro Dotti Contra.
2006-08-18  joeyupdates
2006-08-18  joey* Support inlining pages raw, rather than creating a blog.
2006-08-18  joeynote on disabling sidebar
2006-08-18  joey* Add a tail fin^W^Wsidebar plugin by Tuomo Valkonen.
2006-08-14  www-dataweb commit by JonasSmedegaard: Correct typo: perminent...
2006-08-12  joey* If the meta plugin overides the page title, set a...
2006-08-10  joey* Improve markdown loading. First, try to load it as...
2006-08-04  joeytone back claims of what tidy can do, it's not perfect
2006-08-04  joey* Don't run tidy with -xml as that fails if the input...
2006-08-04  joey* Also generate rel=bookmark links for permalinks.
2006-08-04  joey* Make aggregator save permalinks and author name to...
2006-08-03  joeymore slashery
2006-08-02  joey* Renamed GlobLists to PageSpecs.
2006-07-30  joey* Change meta tags to use html entity-escaped text...
2006-07-30  joeyfix
2006-07-30  joeyfixes, and make dir optional
2006-07-30  joey* ikiwiki can now download and aggregate feeds with...
2006-07-30  joey* Add a run_hooks function for the common task of runni...
2006-07-29  joeyupdats
2006-07-29  joeyadd type pages
2006-07-29  joey* Tag plugins according to type.
2006-07-29  joey* fortune plugin (trivial)
2006-07-29  joeyright paper
2006-07-29  joey* htmltidy plugin from Faidon.
2006-07-29  joeyremove this, pagestats is too slow and it was mostly...
2006-07-29  joeymore links
2006-07-29  joey"Viva l'Italia!"
2006-07-29  joey* New pagestats plugin from Enrico, which can generate...
2006-07-29  joey* Put categories in rss feeds for tagged items.
2006-07-28  joeyimprove
2006-07-28  joey* Add getopt hook type, this allows plugins to add...
2006-07-28  joeysmall improvements
2006-07-28  joeydon't need double-escape on indented literal text as...
2006-07-28  joeyHope encrico doesn't mind, but I changed the location...
2006-07-27  joeymore destpage improvements
2006-07-27  joey* Switch pagetemplate hooks to using named parameters.
2006-07-27  www-dataweb commit by JonasSmedegaard: Small typo: "a a" -> "as a"
2006-07-27  joey - Adds a tag plugin that allows more easily tagging...
2006-07-27  joey* Patch from Enrico that
2006-07-26  joeyfix
2006-07-26  joeyfix
2006-07-26  joey* Run page through any relevant filters when generating...
2006-07-07  joey* Add wikitext markup plugin, which supports ".wiki...