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po(mybestlink): fixed when fed with path beginning with /
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2008-11-12  intrigeripo(mybestlink): fixed when fed with path beginning with /
2008-11-12  intrigeripo: compute internal links from a slave page relative...
2008-11-12  intrigeriMerge commit 'upstream/po' into prv/po
2008-11-11  Joey HessMerge commit 'intrigeri/po' into po
2008-11-11  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' into po
2008-11-11  intrigeripo: fixed bug when a new translatable page is created
2008-11-11  intrigeripo: change a bit the way links are generated
2008-11-11  intrigeripo: fixed link to home page when po_link_to=negotiated...
2008-11-11  intrigeripo(change): fix uninitialized variables when running...
2008-11-11  intrigeripo: added HOMEPAGEURL template variable, documented...
2008-11-11  intrigeripo: fixed link to homepage from non-translation page
2008-11-11  intrigeripo: some code simplification/clarification
2008-11-11  intrigeriMerge commit 'upstream/master' into prv/po
2008-11-11  intrigeripo(scan): make more clear what's being done
2008-11-11  intrigeripo: reorder nearly all of the module code
2008-11-10  intrigeripo(match_lang, match_currentlang): use the lang() function
2008-11-10  intrigeripo: rewrote otherlanguagesloop()
2008-11-10  intrigeripo: factorize extraction of a slave page's masterpage...
2008-11-10  intrigeripo(otherlanguagesloop): start factorizing
2008-11-10  intrigeriMerge commit 'upstream/master' into prv/po
2008-11-10  intrigeripo: finish abstracting %filtered by putting it into...
2008-11-10  intrigeripo: actually use pofiles() function, to enhance code...
2008-11-10  intrigeripo: abstract "doing something for the same page in...
2008-11-10  intrigeripo: abstract implementation details for %translations...
2008-11-10  intrigeripo: abstract %filtered implementation details
2008-11-10  intrigeripo: clarify error messages
2008-11-10  intrigeripo: clarify code with some comments
2008-11-10  intrigeripo: prevent a slave page to depend on itself
2008-11-08  intrigeripo(refreshpot): define the input charset before read()'ing
2008-11-07  intrigeriMerge commit 'upstream/master' into pub/po
2008-11-07  intrigeriMerge commit 'upstream/master' into prv/po
2008-11-07  intrigeripo: finished backlinks implementation
2008-11-07  intrigeripo: implemented linking/backlinks specification for...
2008-11-07  intrigeripo: added pofiles() function, will use this soon
2008-11-07  intrigeripo: add comments
2008-11-07  intrigeriMerge commit 'upstream/po' into prv/po
2008-11-06  intrigeripo: fix link to homepage in special case
2008-11-06  intrigeripo: redesign (once more) automatic POT/PO files update
2008-11-06  intrigeripo: use prep_writefile before creating any files in...
2008-11-06  intrigeripo: syntax warning fix
2008-11-06  intrigeripo: fixed whitespace
2008-11-06  intrigeripo: po_link_to is safe, and fallbacks to a working...
2008-11-06  intrigeripo: mark po_translatable_pages as a safe configuration...
2008-11-06  intrigeripo: po_master_language and po_slave_languages are safe...
2008-11-06  intrigeripo: added license and copyright
2008-11-06  intrigeriMerge commit 'upstream/master' into prv/po
2008-11-06  intrigeriMerge commit 'upstream/po' into prv/po
2008-11-05  Joey Hessfirst pass over code
2008-11-05  Joey Hessbackup refs to injected subs later
2008-11-05  Joey Hessminor layout changes
2008-11-05  Joey Hessavoid hitting the shell with system()
2008-11-05  Joey Hessanother reason to require rebuilds (and not be marked safe)
2008-11-05  Joey HessMerge commit 'intrigeri/po'
2008-11-05  intrigeripo plugin(filter): redesign temp file management
2008-11-04  intrigeriMerge branch 'prv/po' into pub/po
2008-11-04  intrigeriMerge commit 'upstream/master' into prv/po
2008-11-04  intrigeripo plugin: redesign refresh mechanism after master...
2008-11-04  intrigeripo plugin: remove broken parentlinks for home page...
2008-11-04  intrigeripo plugin: aesthetics
2008-11-04  intrigeripo plugin: fix preview for PO files
2008-11-03  intrigeriMerge branch 'prv/po' into pub/po
2008-11-02  intrigeripo plugin: slave pages link to the master's discussion page
2008-11-02  intrigeripo plugin: replace %hash=undef with undef %hash
2008-11-02  intrigeripo plugin: force utf-8 encoding in POT files
2008-11-02  intrigeriMerge branch 'prv/po' into pub/po
2008-11-02  intrigeripo plugin: fix linking from a translation to its master...
2008-11-02  intrigeripo plugin: fix targetpage for home page's translations
2008-11-02  intrigeripo plugin: removed last (?) bit of deprecated custom hook
2008-11-02  intrigeripo plugin: replace targetpage hook with wrapper function
2008-11-02  intrigeripo plugin: replace tweakurlpath hook with a wrapper...
2008-11-02  intrigeripo plugin: replace tweakbestlink hook with a wrapper...
2008-11-02  intrigeridisable istranslatable memoization
2008-11-02  intrigeriMerge commit 'origin/master' into prv/po
2008-10-20  intrigeriMerge branch 'prv/po' into pub/po
2008-10-20  intrigeriMerge commit 'origin/master' into prv/po
2008-10-19  intrigeripo plugin: set every configuration item to unsafe
2008-10-18  intrigeriMerge branch 'prv/po' into pub/po
2008-10-18  intrigeripo plugin: added ISTRANSLATION and ISTRANSLATABLE templ...
2008-10-18  intrigeripo plugin(refreshpot): prevent PO references to be written
2008-10-18  intrigeripo plugin: do not allow msgmerge to create backup files
2008-10-18  intrigeripo plugin: only refresh private module variables when...
2008-10-18  intrigeripo plugin: add correct dependencies on pages using...
2008-10-18  intrigeripo plugin: bugfix (OTHERLANGUAGES)
2008-10-18  intrigeripo plugin: initial implementation of automatic POT...
2008-10-18  intrigeripo plugin: rebuild %translations after having created...
2008-10-18  intrigeripo plugin: create missing POT/PO files in needsbuild hook
2008-10-18  intrigeripo plugin: added and documented PERCENTTRANSLATED templ...
2008-10-18  intrigeripo plugin: make translation percentage available in...
2008-10-18  intrigeripo plugin: added currentlang() custom PageSpec function
2008-10-18  intrigeripo plugin: added lang() custom PageSpec function
2008-10-18  intrigeripo plugin: make any slave page dependent on the corresp...
2008-10-18  intrigeripo plugin: bugfix - only refresh POT/PO for translatabl...
2008-10-18  intrigeripo plugin: do not trust po4a functions return value
2008-10-18  intrigeripo plugin: refresh PO files when a master page is updated
2008-10-18  intrigeripo plugin: refresh POT files when a master page is updated
2008-10-18  intrigeripo plugin: build %translations in needsbuild hook rathe...
2008-10-18  intrigeripo plugin: created OTHERLANGUAGES template loop
2008-10-18  intrigeripo plugin: po_slave_languages is a hash, rather than...
2008-10-18  intrigeripo plugin: build %translations at scan time
2008-10-18  intrigeripo plugin: memoize istranslatable and _istranslation