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2006-11-08  joey* Patch from Ethan Glasser Camp to add a skip option...
2006-11-08  joeyweb commit by EthanGlasserCamp: This is probably better.
2006-11-08  joeyweb commit by EthanGlasserCamp: exactly what it sounds like
2006-11-08  joeyweb commit by EthanGlasserCamp: Oops, this is what...
2006-11-08  joeyweb commit by EthanGlasserCamp: use diff -ur so I can...
2006-11-08  joeyweb commit by EthanGlasserCamp: use a real patch format...
2006-10-30  joeyweb commit by jh
2006-10-23  joeyweb commit by EthanGlasserCamp: do I have to maintain this?
2006-10-08  joey* Atom feed support based on a patch by Clint Adams.
2006-10-08  joeymove
2006-10-02  joeyweb commit by EthanGlasserCamp: This is what I wanted.
2006-09-18  joeyweb commit by JamesWestby
2006-09-18  joeyestseek patch (slightly altered) and other replies
2006-09-17  joeyweb commit by ClintAdams: playing with patchqueue
2006-09-16  joeyweb commit by JamesWestby
2006-09-16  joeyresponses
2006-09-16  joeyweb commit by JamesWestby
2006-08-27  joey* Patch from James Westby to add a --sslcookie switch...
2006-08-27  www-dataweb commit by JamesWestby
2006-08-26  joey* Patch from James Westby to add a template for the...
2006-08-26  joeyresponse
2006-08-26  www-dataweb commit by JamesWestby
2006-08-19  joey* Add first draft at a Restructured Text (rst) plugin...
2006-08-10  joeyupdate
2006-08-10  joeypreliminary rst plugin by Sergio Talens-Oliag
2006-08-02  joeyredundancy
2006-07-31  joeyadd
2006-07-29  joey* Locale patch from Faidon:
2006-07-29  joey* htmltidy plugin from Faidon.
2006-07-29  www-dataweb commit by FaidonLiambotis: Add HTML Tidy plugin...
2006-07-29  www-dataweb commit by FaidonLiambotis: Revise the locale patch
2006-07-26  joey* Patch from Recai to allow selection of page type...
2006-07-26  www-dataweb commit by joey
2006-07-26  www-dataweb commit by joey: comments on patch..
2006-07-11  joeyon second though, just remove done patches
2006-07-11  joeyupdate
2006-07-11  joey* Consolidated all decode_utf8 in FormBuilder's fields...
2006-07-11  joey* Match 'web commit from' in SVN and git, these are...
2006-07-11  joeyadd
2006-07-11  joeyadd
2006-07-11  joeyfoo
2006-07-11  www-dataweb commit by joey
2006-07-11  www-dataweb commit by joey