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2014-09-09  smcvturn this into mdwn
2014-09-09  smcvrename bugs/Inlining_adds_newlines_which_can_break_mark...
2014-09-09  smcvI would recommend using HTML here
2014-09-09  smcv(no commit message)
2014-09-09  https://www... (no commit message)
2014-09-09  https://www... (no commit message)
2014-09-09  intrigeriBugs++
2014-09-08  smcvpossible debugging aid
2014-09-08  https://id... found the "upstream" bug in debian
2014-09-08  oliver(no commit message)
2014-09-08  oliver(no commit message)
2014-09-08  https://id... headers
2014-09-08  https://id... right.
2014-09-08  smcv(no commit message)
2014-09-08  smcvyes, looks like a bug
2014-09-08  smcvisn't this rather Debian-specific?
2014-09-08  smcvnot WTF-8
2014-09-08  https://id... more info
2014-09-08  https://id... critical bug with accents
2014-09-08  https://id... new patch for this, still not fixed in ikiwiki, but...
2014-09-08  https://id... still a bug, patch still works.
2014-09-05  Mesar HameedAdd comment/query regarding file name/title encoding.
2014-09-04  LouisReview request
2014-09-04  https://www... (no commit message)
2014-09-04  smcvfix link
2014-09-04  smcvrefer to patch
2014-09-04  smcvflag as ready
2014-09-04  smcvnew version of branch to fix Python 3
2014-09-04  smcvrelated bug
2014-09-04  smcvoops, wrong bug
2014-09-04  smcvreproducible with Python 3 on Debian
2014-09-04  https://www... (no commit message)
2014-09-04  smcvrename bugs/__62____61__ikiwiki-3.20140227___47__usr__4...
2014-09-04  https://www... (no commit message)
2014-09-04  smcvikiwiki does not implement Markdown internally, talk...
2014-09-04  https://www... (no commit message)
2014-09-04  https://www... (no commit message)
2014-09-04  https://www... standard markdown ?
2014-09-04  https://www... (no commit message)
2014-09-01  smcvmark as done
2014-09-01  smcvrespond to chrysn's feedback, update branch accordingly
2014-09-01  smcvapply one of my own suggestions
2014-08-31  Joey Hessadd news item for ikiwiki 3.20140831
2014-08-31  Joey Hessupdate
2014-08-31  Joey Hessprep release
2014-08-30  https://www... Added a comment
2014-08-30  Mesar HameedUpdated personal page with link to new ikiwiki instance.
2014-08-29  Joey HessMake --no-gettime work in initial build. Closes: #755075
2014-08-25  Amitai Schlairxref my mandoc plugin from this wishlist item
2014-08-24  Amitai Schlairupdate pkgsrc and MacPorts status (the usual)
2014-08-21  demotest ~~~~
2014-08-20  Amitai Schlairnote reverted spam
2014-08-20  Amitai Schlairrevert last two commits (both spam)
2014-08-19  https://pypi... aoe
2014-08-19  https://www... Added a comment: Why can not access with proxy
2014-08-15  chrysnnote about implementation
2014-08-15  Joey Hessadd news item for ikiwiki 3.20140815
2014-08-15  Joey Hessrename so linitian can find the unminified versions
2014-08-15  Joey Hesstypo
2014-08-15  Joey Hessadd build deps needed by some tests in the test suite
2014-08-15  Joey Hessprep release
2014-08-15  Joey Hessclose
2014-08-15  Joey HessMerge remote-tracking branch 'bremner/master'
2014-08-10  Christopher BainesRespond to smcv on the album discussion
2014-08-09  bremner(no commit message)
2014-08-08  chrysncomment about legality of whitespace in urls and %20
2014-08-07  bremner(no commit message)
2014-08-07  David BremnerPlugins::highlight: replace use of langdefdir with...
2014-08-07  David Bremnercope with missing getConfDir in 3.18+ of highlight.
2014-07-31 vote (Accept only OpenID for logins)
2014-07-28  Jonathan Dowlandno auto-merge that branch; bad patch
2014-07-28  Jonathan Dowlandresponse: wiki_file_chars
2014-07-28  Jonathan Dowlandremove accident C&P of another item into this page!
2014-07-28  Jonathan Dowlandnew feature request: remove (and rename) in action...
2014-07-27  https://pypi... (no commit message)
2014-07-24  Jonathan Dowlandresponse
2014-07-23  smcvsyntax seems weird, thoughts on an alternative
2014-07-23  smcvdoc/git.mdwn calls this remote "jon"
2014-07-23  Jonathan Dowlanddocument gitbranch where patch is
2014-07-23  http://jmtd.net/support multi-row table headers
2014-07-21  smcv(no commit message)
2014-07-21  smcvAdded a comment
2014-07-21  smcvAdded a comment
2014-07-21  https://www... (no commit message)
2014-07-21  http://jmtd.net/an open sandbox, for non-logged in drive-by ikiwiki...
2014-07-21  Louistypo
2014-07-21  LouisMerge branch 'master' of git://ikiwiki.branchable.com
2014-07-20  https://www... Another navbar hack
2014-07-17  LouisMerge branch 'master' into spalax
2014-07-17  LouisQuestion
2014-07-17  LouisImprovement of documentation of my plugins
2014-07-17  smcvyes please
2014-07-15  chrysnpatch available
2014-07-13  Christopher BainesAdd some examples for the OSM plugin
2014-07-13  Christopher BainesCapitalisation changes
2014-07-13  chrysnphases are a good idea
2014-07-12  https://www... link to git repo
2014-07-11  smcvclarify which case fails
2014-07-11  smcvrespond to cbaines regarding CSS
2014-07-11  smcvnew todo, opinions welcome