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2008-09-15  AlexandreDupastypo
2008-09-15  AlexandreDupasadd link on lighttpd configuration with the apache one
2008-09-15  AlexandreDupasTips on configuring lighttpd to enable ikiwiki.cgi
2008-09-15  intrigeri(no commit message)
2008-09-15  bremnerhopefully answer Peter's question
2008-09-15  bremner(no commit message)
2008-09-14  Joey Hessadd news item for ikiwiki 2.64
2008-09-14  Joey Hessreleasing version 2.64
2008-09-14  Joey Hessfix links
2008-09-14  Joey Hessfix links
2008-09-14  Joey Hessfix link
2008-09-14  Joey Hessfix link
2008-09-14  Joey Hessfix links
2008-09-14  pescoadd combined/extended darcs plugin
2008-09-14  Joey Hessdocument code change in last commit
2008-09-14  Joey Hessrootpage is not a pagespec
2008-09-14  Joey Hesscannot reproduce
2008-09-14  Joey Hessrm
2008-09-14  http://www... Add another trial approach for structured data
2008-09-14  http://www... preliminary plugin
2008-09-13  tumble(no commit message)
2008-09-13  http://madduck.net/new bug about parsing recentchanges diffs
2008-09-13  bremnershare my fumblings in calling IkiWiki::Setup
2008-09-13  Joey Hessfix IkiWiki::Setup::load docs
2008-09-13  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2008-09-13  bremnermore difficulties with IkiWiki::Setup::load
2008-09-12  Joey Hessreplace subdir link with link to the one page from...
2008-09-12  Joey Hessupdate
2008-09-12  Joey HessRemoved old redirecton pages from basewiki (helponforma...
2008-09-12  Joey Hessreorder
2008-09-12  Joey Hessclarify
2008-09-12  bremnerchange name of repo
2008-09-12  bremnerupdate repo name
2008-09-12  bremnerquestion about filter hook
2008-09-12  http://dmarti... (no commit message)
2008-09-12  http://dmarti... (no commit message)
2008-09-12  http://dmarti... (no commit message)
2008-09-12  http://www... Reword slightly
2008-09-12  http://www... Mark done.
2008-09-12  http://www... Add link between related TODOs. Mark as done.
2008-09-12  http://www... Note that this is almost done. Just need to add listdi...
2008-09-12  http://www... Fix typo
2008-09-12  http://thewordnerd... (no commit message)
2008-09-12  Joey HessRemoved the obsolete blog page from the basewiki. ikiwi...
2008-09-12  Joey Hesstwo more links to blog
2008-09-11  Joey Hesslicense directive docs using basewiki license
2008-09-11  Joey Hessfix cpan links
2008-09-11  Joey Hessmove inline docs to ikiwiki/directive/inline
2008-09-11  Joey Hessremove dead link
2008-09-11  Joey Hessfix tag
2008-09-11  Joey Hessfix link
2008-09-11  Joey Hessfix link
2008-09-11  Joey Hessmove inline documentation from blog to directive/inline
2008-09-11  Joey Hessfix link text on links to plugins
2008-09-11  Joey Hessupdate
2008-09-11  Joey Hesstest for brokenlinks when listdirectives is enabled, too
2008-09-11  Joey Hessdisplay broken links on failure
2008-09-11  Joey Hessupdate
2008-09-11  Joey Hessfix broken link in basewiki
2008-09-11  Joey Hesswording
2008-09-11  Joey Hesslistdirectives: Enable use of the directives underlay.
2008-09-11  Joey HessMove the directive documentation into its own underlay...
2008-09-11  Joey Hesschangelog
2008-09-11  Joey Hessadd robots directive to all directive pages
2008-09-11  Joey Hessmisc minor changes
2008-09-11  Joey Hesssquash redundant text
2008-09-11  Joey Hessreword after reorg
2008-09-11  Joey Hessremoved demos that accompny examples
2008-09-11  Joey Hessmove demo back to plugin page
2008-09-11  Joey Hessmove back demo and add example
2008-09-11  Joey Hessmove demo back to plugin and add example
2008-09-11  Joey Hessre-add demo, was lost in will's changes
2008-09-11  Joey Hessmove example
2008-09-11  Joey Hessmove example back
2008-09-11  Joey Hessmove example back to plugin
2008-09-11  Joey Hessreorg from will's changes
2008-09-11  Joey Hessadd more note about cron job
2008-09-11  Joey Hessmove demo back to plugin page
2008-09-11  Joey Hessreword
2008-09-11  Joey Hessmention the cron job
2008-09-11  Joey Hessremove special case for shortcuts
2008-09-11  William Utherpatch plugin documentation to refer to directive pages
2008-09-11  William Utheradd underlay files for listdirectives
2008-09-11  Joey Hessthought
2008-09-11  Joey Hessreword
2008-09-11  Joey Hesschange git hook description
2008-09-11  Joey Hessupdates, document using git post-merge hook since it...
2008-09-11  Joey Hessresponse
2008-09-11  Joey Hessresponse
2008-09-11  Joey Hessresponse
2008-09-11  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2008-09-11  http://www... Thoughts on structured data
2008-09-11  http://www... Thoughts on ACLs
2008-09-11  jpritikin(no commit message)
2008-09-11  jpritikin(no commit message)
2008-09-11  http://ptecza... (no commit message)
2008-09-11  Joey HessImprove error message if external plugin fails to load...
2008-09-10  Joey Hessresponse
2008-09-10  jpritikin(no commit message)
2008-09-10  PaulePanternew topic in forum