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2010-11-29  Joey Hessuse one-parameter form of urlto
2010-11-29  Joey Hesstest w/o second parameter
2010-11-29  Joey Hessmerged localurl branch; changelog
2010-11-29  Joey Hesssecond parameter of urlto is optional
2010-11-29  Joey Hesstweak urlto description
2010-11-29  Joey HessMerge remote branch 'smcv/ready/localurl'
2010-11-29  Joey Hessadd news item for ikiwiki 3.20101129
2010-11-29  Joey Hessreleasing version 3.20101129
2010-11-29  Joey Hesscomment
2010-11-29  Joey Hessgit: Avoid adding files when committing, so as not...
2010-11-29  Joey Hessrename: Fix to pass named parameters to rcs_commit
2010-11-29  http://smcv... bug page
2010-11-29  http://smcv... related bug
2010-11-29  Joey Hessbug moved to ikiwiki-hosting
2010-11-29  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2010-11-29  Joey Hessgit: Fix temp file location.
2010-11-29  Remy(no commit message)
2010-11-29  http://liw.fi/(no commit message)
2010-11-29  http://lindi... (no commit message)
2010-11-28  Joey Hessbug
2010-11-28  Joey HessMerge remote branch 'blipvert/fixes'
2010-11-28  Craig Lennoxcheck that user is defined before regexp compare
2010-11-27  Joey Hessremove files apparently misstaged and committed during...
2010-11-27  Joey Hess(no commit message)
2010-11-27  Joey Hess(no commit message)
2010-11-27  Joey Hess(no commit message)
2010-11-27  http://smcv... rename todo/transient_in-memory_pages.mdwn to todo...
2010-11-25  http://kerravonsen... Added a comment: Missed It By That Much
2010-11-23  http://smcv... another branch
2010-11-23  http://smcv... tested and seems to work
2010-11-23  Simon McVittiepinger: avoid pinging our own local path, too
2010-11-23  Simon McVittieUse local path for even more CGI URLs
2010-11-23  Simon McVittieIf cgiurl is set, but url isn't, use an absolute $local...
2010-11-23  http://smcv... removed
2010-11-23  http://smcv... Added a comment: expression anchored too closely?
2010-11-23  http://smcv... Added a comment: expression anchored too closely?
2010-11-23  http://kerravonsen... exclusion doesn't exclude
2010-11-23  http://kerravonsen... Added a comment: Limitations
2010-11-23  http://smcv... updated branch, not tested properly yet
2010-11-23  Simon McVittiePass a CGIURL into commentmoderation.tmpl
2010-11-23  Simon McVittieUse local paths for most references to pages
2010-11-23  Simon McVittieUse local paths for the CGI URL
2010-11-23  Simon McVittieUse local paths when including Javascript
2010-11-23  Simon McVittieUse local paths for redirection where possible
2010-11-22  Simon McVittieAdd a regression test for urlto, baseurl and cgiurl...
2010-11-22  Simon McVittieurlto(): if $from is undef, return a local path, not...
2010-11-22  Simon McVittiebaseurl(): return local path, not absolute URL, if...
2010-11-22  Simon McVittiecgiurl(): return a locally-valid path by default
2010-11-22  Simon McVittiecgiurl: don't append "?" if there are no parameters
2010-11-22  Simon McVittieCompute local paths to the top of the wiki
2010-11-22  http://churchkey... added edittemplate bug for ikiwiki verison: 3.20100815.2
2010-11-22  Joey Hessresponse
2010-11-22  http://smcv... respond to feedback
2010-11-22  Joey Hesscomments (finally)
2010-11-21  http://slowdog... (no commit message)
2010-11-20  http://pmate... (no commit message)
2010-11-20  Joey Hess├║pdate
2010-11-20  Joey Hessresponse
2010-11-20  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2010-11-20  Joey Hessedittemplate: Fix crash if using a .tmpl file or other...
2010-11-20  http://pmate... (no commit message)
2010-11-20  http://pmate... (no commit message)
2010-11-20  Joey Hesshighlight: Support new format of filetypes.conf used...
2010-11-20  Joey Hesssmcv/ready/glob-cache merged
2010-11-20  Joey Hessavoid an unnecessary hash lookup
2010-11-20  Joey HessMerge remote branch 'smcv/ready/glob-cache'
2010-11-20  http://smcv... one more patch: but expanding the memoization is actual...
2010-11-20  Simon McVittiebranch ready for merge, I think
2010-11-20  Simon McVittiemake use of precompiled regex objects
2010-11-19  Simon McVittieglob2re: return a precompiled, anchored case-insensitiv...
2010-11-19  Simon McVittiematch_glob: streamline glob cache slightly
2010-11-19  Kathryn AndersenImprove the speed of match_glob
2010-11-17  Joey Hessresponse
2010-11-17  Jon Dowlandsorry, I'll try against master in future.
2010-11-17  http://pmate... (no commit message)
2010-11-17  http://jmtd... ext4, default settings...
2010-11-16  Joey Hessinline: Improve RSS url munging to use a proper html parser
2010-11-16  Joey Hessadd test case for RSS url munging
2010-11-16  Joey Hessindentation
2010-11-16  Joey HessFix escaping of filenames in historyurl. (Thanks, aj)
2010-11-16  Joey Hessresponse
2010-11-16  Joey Hessmore: Add pages parameter to limit where the more is...
2010-11-16  Joey Hessimprove html
2010-11-16  Joey Hesswebsetup: Fix encoding problem when restoring old setup...
2010-11-16  Joey Hessresponse
2010-11-16  Joey Hessbut it already checks length..
2010-11-16  Joey Hessalready fixed
2010-11-16  Joey Hessthoughts
2010-11-15  http://kerravonsen... further thoughts
2010-11-15  http://kerravonsen... modular, not replacement
2010-11-15  http://churchkey... added my reasons for wanting a replace-able template system
2010-11-15  http://jmtd... note about template inclusion
2010-11-15  http://jmtd... not quite done yet: if/included() doesn't work that way.
2010-11-15  http://jmtd... I totally misinterpreted what included() is supposed...
2010-11-15  http://jmtd... done with commit da9e1ea667f82d5fca916
2010-11-15  http://jmtd... guard templates with the if directive where necessary
2010-11-15  http://jmtd... template files being treated as regular pages and the...
2010-11-15  http://smcv... more discussion
2010-11-15  http://jmtd... (no commit message)
2010-11-15  http://jmtd... typo