2011-04-03  intrigeriReply... cannot think of a great solution.
2011-04-03 vote (green)
2011-04-03  https://www... poll vote (blue)
2011-04-03 vote (red)
2011-04-03 vote (blue)
2011-04-03 vote (green)
2011-04-03  https://www... poll vote (red)
2011-04-03 vote (green)
2011-04-03 vote (green)
2011-04-03 vote (green)
2011-04-03 vote (green)
2011-04-03 vote (green)
2011-04-03 vote (red)
2011-04-02  https://www... (no commit message)
2011-04-02 vote (red)
2011-04-02 vote (green)
2011-04-02  https://www... poll vote (blue)
2011-04-02  https://www... poll vote (green)
2011-04-02  https://www... (no commit message)
2011-04-02  https://www... (no commit message)
2011-04-01  https://www... (no commit message)
2011-04-01  Joey Hessnew bug
2011-03-30  Joey HessMerge remote-tracking branch 'levitte/master'
2011-03-30  Joey Hessdocument fix I'm about to merge
2011-03-30  Joey Hessadd levitte
2011-03-30  Joey Hessupdate
2011-03-30  Joey Hessfix
2011-03-30  Joey Hesslook up avatar at comment post time
2011-03-30  Joey Hesscheck site url for https
2011-03-30  Richard Levitte* IkiWiki/Plugin/monotone.pm: monotone v0.48 has a...
2011-03-30  Richard Levitte* IkiWiki/Plugin/monotone.pm: implement rcs_getmtime
2011-03-30  Joey Hessupdate for libravatar support
2011-03-30  Joey Hessrobustness fix
2011-03-30  Joey Hessindentation
2011-03-30  Joey HessMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/fmarier/libravata...
2011-03-30  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2011-03-30  Joey Hessadd fmarier's repo
2011-03-30  Francois Mariercomments: add OpenID-based avatars (libravatar.org)
2011-03-30  Francois Mariercomments: serve avatars over https in https wikis
2011-03-30  Francois Mariercomments: add avatar picture of comment author
2011-03-29  intrigeriReply.
2011-03-29  intrigeriPing.
2011-03-29  intrigeriFixed upstream => done.
2011-03-29  intrigeriCannot reproduce. Joey, more info please?
2011-03-29  intrigeriNeed more info.
2011-03-28  Joey HessCVE assigned
2011-03-28  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2011-03-28  Joey Hesschangelog
2011-03-28  Giuseppe Bilottameta plugin: script support
2011-03-28  Giuseppe Bilottause real name
2011-03-28  Joey Hessseverity analysis update
2011-03-28  Joey Hessyaml is needed as a build dep now
2011-03-28  Joey Hessalt stylesheets will not be showing up in browser
2011-03-28  Joey Hessadd news item for ikiwiki 3.20110328
2011-03-28  Joey Hessreleasing version 3.20110328
2011-03-28  Joey Hessmeta: Security fix; don't allow alternative stylesheets...
2011-03-28  Joey Hesscomment: Better fix to avoid showing comments of subpag...
2011-03-28  Joey HessRevert "comment: Don't show comments of subpages on...
2011-03-28  tschwingeCreate page.
2011-03-25  Joey HessYaml formatted setup files are now produced by default
2011-03-24  Joey Hessfix targetpage replacement to support 3 argument form
2011-03-24  Joey Hessavoid stomping on inline's rootpage sub if it's not...
2011-03-24  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2011-03-24  Joey HessAdd timezone setting in setup file. This alows time...
2011-03-24  http://smcv... in practice this is enabled by default, because recentc...
2011-03-24  http://smcv... this was merged, fix cross-references to other plugins
2011-03-24  http://smcv... rename plugins/contrib/transient.mdwn to plugins/transi...
2011-03-23  Jörg Sommerikiwiki manual: fix a little spelling mistake
2011-03-23  http://tmarble... test of openid
2011-03-22  Joey Hessresponse
2011-03-22  Joey HessRevert garbage
2011-03-22  Joey HessRevert "тест"
2011-03-22  verrens(no commit message)
2011-03-22  verrensтест
2011-03-22  http://kerravonsen... removed spam
2011-03-22  prosch(no commit message)
2011-03-22  http://kerravonsen... another thought
2011-03-22  http://kerravonsen... response to response
2011-03-22  http://kerravonsen... clean solution is not clean
2011-03-21  Joey Hessfix var name
2011-03-21  Joey Hessadd news item for ikiwiki 3.20110321
2011-03-21  Joey Hessreleasing version 3.20110321
2011-03-21  Joey Hesscomment about locking
2011-03-21  Joey Hesscall aggregate checkconfig last
2011-03-21  Joey HessAvoid escaping / characters in filenames when building...
2011-03-21  Joey Hessaggregate: Read cookies from ~/.ikiwiki/cookies by...
2011-03-21  Joey Hessresponse
2011-03-21  Joey Hessclose as user error
2011-03-21  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2011-03-21  Joey Hessresponse
2011-03-21  Joey Hessclean
2011-03-21  http://smcv... base href has to be (fully) absolute
2011-03-21  http://kerravonsen... oops, it was me
2011-03-21  http://kerravonsen... problem with reverse proxy and searching
2011-03-20  https://www... response
2011-03-19  Joey Hessremove reundant chengelog version parse
2011-03-17  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2011-03-17  https://www... (no commit message)
2011-03-16  https://www... (no commit message)
2011-03-15  http://kerravonsen... Can one enable Apache XBitHack?