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2007-04-04  joeypal
2007-04-04  joey* Fix tags to page names that contain special characters.
2007-04-04  joey* Fix a bug that caused link(foo) to succeed if page...
2007-04-04  joeyweb commit by http://willthompson.co.uk/: I suck at...
2007-04-04  joeyweb commit by http://willthompson.co.uk/: hrm, my link...
2007-04-04  joeyweb commit by http://willthompson.co.uk/
2007-04-04  joeyweb commit from poll vote (Accept only...
2007-04-04  joeyvirus scanner integration
2007-04-04  joeyformatting
2007-04-04  joeyadd :-P
2007-04-04  joeyupdate
2007-04-04  joeyupdate
2007-04-04  joeyRewriteRule example
2007-04-04  joey* Fix a bug in the img plugin that caused thumbnailed...
2007-04-04  joeyresponse
2007-04-03  joeyweb commit by http://adam.shand.net/
2007-04-03  joeyweb commit by http://adam.shand.net/
2007-04-03  joeyweb commit by http://adam.shand.net/
2007-04-03  joeyweb commit by AdamShand: allowing rawhtml plugin only...
2007-04-02  joeyrewriterule
2007-04-02  joshtriplettMove todo item to todo/
2007-04-02  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett
2007-04-02  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett: s/parens/square brackets/
2007-04-02  joshtriplettImprove description of usedirs in ikiwiki.setup
2007-04-01  joeyupdates for new regime
2007-04-01  joeytypo
2007-04-01  joeyanother htmlpage call that is no longer appropriate
2007-04-01  joey* Fix a big in the img plugin that caused thumbnailed...
2007-04-01  joeyfix links to sparklines; abs2rel -> urlto
2007-04-01  joeyuse urlto; htmlpage is no longer appropriate here
2007-04-01  joey* Finally apply the index.html patch, with thanks to...
2007-04-01  joeyweb commit by hb: force reconstruction of the page
2007-04-01  joeyweb commit by hb: test
2007-04-01  joeyweb commit by hb: trying to put this done (it is !)
2007-03-31  joey* Hide excess backlinks and expand using CSS trick...
2007-03-31  joeylink
2007-03-31  joeyimprove
2007-03-31  joeyfix
2007-03-31  joey* Add a templates page to the basewiki. It will automat...
2007-03-31  joeyremove old discussion page (since it's currently being...
2007-03-31  joeyfix error message to include url
2007-03-31  joey* Fix urls generated by mirrorlist plugin.
2007-03-29  joey--no-rcs is the default now, so no need to explicitly...
2007-03-29  joeydon't exclude discussion for this example
2007-03-29  joey* Add --post-commit option, which allows for the case...
2007-03-28  joeyadd news item for ikiwiki 1.48
2007-03-28  joeyreleasing version 1.48
2007-03-26  joshtriplettThe typography plugin could support configuration of...
2007-03-26  joshtriplettNote that enabling or disabling the htmlscrubber plugin...
2007-03-26  joshtriplettFix typo in page name: s/MultiMarkdon/MultiMarkdown/
2007-03-26  joeyweb commit by LukClaes: Add my blog
2007-03-25  joeyweb commit by http://ressukka.net/
2007-03-25  joeyweb commit by tuomov: A note on getctime optimisation
2007-03-25  joeyweb commit by tuomov: bah
2007-03-25  joeyweb commit by tuomov: Another partial darcs suppot plugin
2007-03-24  joeyweb commit by hb
2007-03-24  joeyweb commit by hb
2007-03-24  joey* Fix mercurial backend to deal with empty commit messages.
2007-03-24  joey* Finally fixed the longstanding inline removal bug.
2007-03-24  joeyweb commit by MarkusSchaber: removed obsolete suggestion
2007-03-24  joeyweb commit by MarkusSchaber
2007-03-24  joeyweb commit by hb: Adding patch for the no message case...
2007-03-24  joeyweb commit by JonasSmedegaard: Fix for htmllink brokenn...
2007-03-22  joeyweb commit by http://getopenid.com/tpikonen
2007-03-22  joey* Make ikiwiki's stylesheet support printing by hiding...
2007-03-21  joeyimprove Makefile
2007-03-21  joeytypo
2007-03-21  joeyupdates
2007-03-21  joey* Fix link() PageSpecs to not just look at the raw...
2007-03-21  joeyresponse
2007-03-21  joeyadd news item for ikiwiki 1.47
2007-03-21  joeyreleasing version 1.47
2007-03-21  joeythoughts
2007-03-21  joeyfix
2007-03-21  joey* Fix a security hole that allowed insertion of unsafe...
2007-03-21  joeyweb commit by http://getopenid.com/tpikonen
2007-03-21  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett: Unindent my comment and...
2007-03-21  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett: meta link stylesheet test
2007-03-21  joeyhmm
2007-03-21  joeyswitch to titlepage template
2007-03-21  joeyweb commit by http://joey.kitenet.net/: test
2007-03-21  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett: stylesheet media="print"
2007-03-21  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett: Avoid a line break inside...
2007-03-21  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett
2007-03-21  joeyadd news item for ikiwiki 1.46
2007-03-21  joeyadd news item for ikiwiki 1.33.2
2007-03-21  joeythe real bug turned out to be in the meta plugin
2007-03-21  joeyforgot to revert this
2007-03-21  joeyoh, this is confusing, it needs escaping in <title...
2007-03-21  joey* Fix a few bugs around page titles containing html...
2007-03-21  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett
2007-03-20  joeyweb commit by http://choffee.co.uk/: Added a zooomr...
2007-03-19  joeyanother issue with the mercurual backend
2007-03-19  joeyweb commit by http://bmalee.eu/~bma/: Oops...fix the...
2007-03-19  joeyweb commit by http://bmalee.eu/~bma/: Here's my mostly...
2007-03-18  joeyresponse
2007-03-18  joey* Applied a patch from Michał to make the mercurial...
2007-03-18  joeyweb commit by http://meep.pl/: bug report
2007-03-17  joeywording
2007-03-17  joey* Detect the case of two people independently creating...