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2009-06-22  http://hendry.iki.fi/templating question
2009-06-20  http://smcv... correct link spelling
2009-06-20  http://smcv... explain %depends and suggest [[!inline quick=yes]]
2009-06-19  Jon Dowlandspeeding up ikiwiki: advice sought
2009-06-19  Joey Hessadd Mick Pollard
2009-06-18  http://smcv... feature addition + patch
2009-06-18  http://smcv... an improvement in this direction
2009-06-16  Joey Hessimg: Fix extra double quote with alt text. (smcv)
2009-06-16  Joey HessMerge commit 'smcv/img-bugfix'
2009-06-16  http://smcv... disarm wikilinks
2009-06-16  http://smcv... revisiting with implementation experience
2009-06-16  http://smcv... there's more than one way to do it
2009-06-16  http://smcv... grr, another typo
2009-06-16  http://smcv... Fix links
2009-06-16  http://smcv... Fix links
2009-06-16  http://smcv... (no commit message)
2009-06-16  http://smcv... feature addition + patch
2009-06-16  http://smcv... bug report + patch
2009-06-16  Simon McVittieimg plugin: do not emit a redundant double-quote before...
2009-06-15  http://www.steve.org.uk/(no commit message)
2009-06-15  http://openid... (no commit message)
2009-06-15  http://ptecza... * Reply
2009-06-15  Jon Dowlanddon't escape <> (done for us)
2009-06-15  Jon Dowlandpatch for this bug
2009-06-15  Jon Dowlandnew bug: map doesn't close UL for empty list
2009-06-15  tschwingeKnuth to the rescue!
2009-06-15  http://ptecza... * Response
2009-06-15  Jon Dowlandguess at versioning scheme
2009-06-15  http://ptecza... * Version mistake?
2009-06-15  http://ptecza... * Now ikiwiki backports for Ubuntu Jaunty
2009-06-14  Joey Hessresponse
2009-06-14  Joey Hessresponse from a shady glen
2009-06-14  Víctor Moralupdated spanish translation
2009-06-14  Joey Hesstested yahoo working
2009-06-13  Joey Hessfixup
2009-06-13  Joey Hessadd news item for ikiwiki 3.141
2009-06-13  Joey Hessreleasing version 3.141
2009-06-13  Joey Hessresponse
2009-06-13  PaulePanterDocumentation for parameter `template`?
2009-06-13  http://www... (no commit message)
2009-06-13  http://www... comment about newer OpenID now being available.
2009-06-12  Joey Hessaggregate: Avoid resetting ctime when an item md5 changes.
2009-06-12  Joey Hessaggregate: Fix storing of changed md5.
2009-06-12  Jon Dowlandargh, wrong diff again. third time lucky.
2009-06-12  Jon Dowlandupdate diff (one redundant hunk removed)
2009-06-12  Jon Dowlandadd allow_site-wide_meta_definitions.mdwn
2009-06-11  Jérémy BobbioThanks
2009-06-10  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2009-06-10  Joey HessUpdated French translation. Closes: #532654
2009-06-10  bremnerfeature request/discussion for highlight options.
2009-06-10  http://www.lunix.com.au/simple format tidyup
2009-06-09  JoeRayhawkMore NTFS filename compatability problems.
2009-06-09  Joey HessDisable the Preferences link if no plugin with an auth...
2009-06-09  http://www.lunix.com.au/add my response and thanks
2009-06-09  Joey Hessreorg
2009-06-09  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2009-06-09  http://www.lunix.com.au/fixed formatting of last response
2009-06-09  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2009-06-09  http://www.lunix.com.au/add my response
2009-06-09  Joey Hessmeta: Add openid delegate parameter to allow delegating...
2009-06-09  Joey Hessresponse
2009-06-09  http://www.lunix.com.au/add my site.
2009-06-09  Joey Hessupdate
2009-06-09  http://www.lunix.com.au/add my response
2009-06-09  Joey Hessresp
2009-06-09  http://www.lunix.com.au/add my response
2009-06-08  Joey Hessresponse
2009-06-08  Joey HessOptimise use of gettext, and avoid ugly warnings if...
2009-06-08  http://davide... Instructions to allow .cgi files to execute from anywhe...
2009-06-08  http://www.lunix.com.au/add in new openid forum question
2009-06-07  http://lj.rossia... Added a wikilink to the solution.
2009-06-06  Joey Hessgoto: Support being passed a page title that is not...
2009-06-06  Joey Hessadd
2009-06-05  Joey Hesspagecount: Fix broken optimisation for * pagespec.
2009-06-05  martinfixed link
2009-06-05  martinpagecount incorrectly claims there are 0 pages ...
2009-06-05  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2009-06-05  Joey HessSetup automator: Check that each plugin added to the...
2009-06-05  http://lj.rossia... thanks.
2009-06-05  Joey Hessadd note about the basewiki being self contained
2009-06-05  Joey Hessmove anchor page out of ikiwiki subdir
2009-06-05  Joey Hessremove link to page outside the base wiki
2009-06-05  Joey HessTighten up matching of bare words inside directives
2009-06-05  Joey Hessadd test case for unterminated """ string
2009-06-05  Joey Hessclose
2009-06-05  http://lj.rossia... minor formatting issue: Having a wikilink in the headin...
2009-06-05  http://lj.rossia... Created the page, so that one can inspect the backlinks.
2009-06-05  http://lj.rossia... Added a wikilink on a term (to keep track of the discus...
2009-06-05  http://lj.rossia... Fixed a wikilink target.
2009-06-05  http://lj.rossia... A suggestion to simply extract/merge this functionality...
2009-06-05  http://lj.rossia... Added a keyword to the description, so that this plugin...
2009-06-05  http://lj.rossia... Put wikilink on a useful term (perhaps, someday there...
2009-06-05  http://lj.rossia... minor: Style.
2009-06-05  http://lj.rossia... minor: Formatting the code.
2009-06-05  http://lj.rossia... Report the failed test of the "more" plugin.
2009-06-05  http://lj.rossia... Test the more plugin.
2009-06-05  http://lj.rossia... Fixed a wikilink.
2009-06-05  LunarSome thoughts on how to disable 'Preferences' link...
2009-06-04  Joey Hessupdate po files
2009-06-04  Joey Hessfix further places where translated discussion case...