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2007-12-04  Joey Hessweb commit by http://svend.myopenid.com/
2007-12-04  Joey Hessweb commit by tschwinge: ``clear: both'' for `.page*'?
2007-12-03  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.kitenet.net/srv...
2007-12-03  Joey Hess* Remove .otl file from sandbox to avoid build ugliness...
2007-12-03  Joey Hessweb commit by subvert.org.uk/~bma/: Change of url.
2007-12-03  Joey Hessweb commit by martin
2007-12-01  Joey Hessweb commit by berndhsteiner
2007-12-01  Joey Hessadd news item for ikiwiki 2.15
2007-12-01  Joey Hessreleasing version 2.15
2007-11-29  Joey Hessweb commit by ptecza.myopenid.com/: * Thank you!
2007-11-29  Joey Hessweb commit by http://openid.cihar.com/
2007-11-28  Joey Hessresponse
2007-11-28  Joey Hessweb commit by ptecza.myopenid.com/: * Thanks and question
2007-11-28  Joey Hessweb commit by ptecza.myopenid.com/: * Thanks!
2007-11-28  Joey Hessresponse
2007-11-28  Joey Hessresponse
2007-11-28  Joey Hesssecond screencast
2007-11-28  Joey Hessweb commit by larted.org.uk/~dom/: add question
2007-11-28  Joey Hessweb commit by ptecza.myopenid.com/: * Please make next...
2007-11-28  Joey Hessweb commit by ptecza.myopenid.com/: * Where is ikiwiki...
2007-11-27  Joey Hess* Add umask configuration option. Closes: #443329
2007-11-27  Joey Hess* Improve workaround for perl bug #376329. Rather than...
2007-11-27  Joey Hessmore
2007-11-27  Joey Hessremove svn-isms
2007-11-27  Joey Hessadd some documentation about how to safely allow multip...
2007-11-27  Joey Hessupdate some links from svn.kitenet.net to git.kitenet.net
2007-11-27  Joey Hessformatting
2007-11-27  Joey Hesstypo
2007-11-27  Joey Hess * Add a new ikiwiki-makerepo program, that automates...
2007-11-27  Joey Hesstypo
2007-11-27  Joey Hesstypo
2007-11-27  Joey Hessadd a news item about a screencast I did
2007-11-26  Joey Hesstypo
2007-11-26  Joey Hessupdate news item, note this is a security fix release
2007-11-26  Joey Hessadd news item for ikiwiki 2.14
2007-11-26  Joey Hessreleasing version 2.14
2007-11-26  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.kitenet.net/srv...
2007-11-26  Joey Hessthoughts
2007-11-26  Joey Hessweb commit by svend.myopenid.com/: Submit bug.
2007-11-25  Joey Hess* Let CC be used to control what compiler is used to...
2007-11-24  Joey Hessfixup changelog
2007-11-24  Joey Hessadd news item for ikiwiki 2.13
2007-11-24  Joey Hessreleasing version 2.13
2007-11-24  Joey Hessfix headers
2007-11-24  Joey Hesstry adding a toc now that ikiwiki supports it
2007-11-24  Joey Hessweb commit by willthompson.co.uk/: The posthook goes...
2007-11-23  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.kitenet.net/srv...
2007-11-23  Joey Hess* toc: Handle html elements embedded inside a header...
2007-11-22  Joey Hessweb commit from poll vote (It's fast enough)
2007-11-21  Joey Hessweb commit by hendry.iki.fi/: nipl is no longer
2007-11-20  Joey Hessweb commit by http://ptecza.myopenid.com/: * Ping
2007-11-19  Joey Hessdecided not to do this
2007-11-19  Joey Hessidea
2007-11-18  Joey Hessrevert change by sundb_89. Please do not randomly chang...
2007-11-18  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.kitenet.net/srv...
2007-11-18  Joey Hessweb commit by http://hendry.iki.fi/: added blog
2007-11-18  Joey Hessweb commit by sundb_89
2007-11-18  Joey Hess* Allow html5 video and audio tags and their attributes...
2007-11-18  Joey Hess* Don't consider links to anchors on the same page...
2007-11-17  Joey Hessremove some links to nonexistent pages that we don...
2007-11-17  Joey Hessguess I can call this done again
2007-11-17  Joey Hessbroken link
2007-11-17  Joey Hessneed to remove trailing slashes in not one, but 2 places
2007-11-17  Joey Hessbroken link :-)
2007-11-17  Joey Hess* Allow trailing slashes after page names in wikilinks.
2007-11-17  Joey Hess* More compact output for the brokenlinks plugin.
2007-11-17  Joey Hessgitweb limitiations..
2007-11-17  Joey Hess* Fix mercurial historyurl in example setup file.
2007-11-17  Joey Hess* Better error message when a setup file has a syntax...
2007-11-16  Joey Hessreformat
2007-11-16  Joey Hesswhitespace2
2007-11-16  Joey Hesswhitespace
2007-11-16  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.kitenet.net/srv...
2007-11-16  Joey HessThe ikiwiki zombie army release.
2007-11-15  Joey Hessweb commit by svend.myopenid.com/: Added note about...
2007-11-15  Joey Hessweb commit by svend.myopenid.com/: Trying a different...
2007-11-15  Joey Hessweb commit by svend.myopenid.com/: The code showed...
2007-11-15  Joey Hessweb commit by svend.myopenid.com/: Added bug.
2007-11-14  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.kitenet.net/srv...
2007-11-14  Joey Hess* Add wrappergroup config option, which can be used...
2007-11-14  Joey Hessprottype fixes
2007-11-14  Joey Hessweb commit by http://joey.kitenet.net/
2007-11-14  Joey Hessweb commit by http://joey.kitenet.net/: test
2007-11-14  Joey Hessweb commit by tschwinge: gitweb deficiency w.r.t. log...
2007-11-14  Joey Hessweb commit by tschwinge: gitweb deficiency w.r.t. newly...
2007-11-13  Joey Hess* inline: Add timeformat parameter to control how the...
2007-11-13  Joey Hess* ikiwiki.setup is licensed same as the basewiki, not...
2007-11-13  Joey Hesssilly markdown
2007-11-13  Joey Hesslink to bug report
2007-11-13  Joey Hessthe mercurial backend should record when a commit came...
2007-11-13  Joey Hess* Add liblwpx-paranoidagent-perl to recommends of Debia...
2007-11-13  Joey Hessresponse
2007-11-13  Joey Hessweb commit by tschwinge: Add a *Discussion* header.
2007-11-13  Joey Hessweb commit by tschwinge: A first idea for an extension.
2007-11-13  Joey Hessweb commit by ManojSrivastava: Second the wishlist
2007-11-12  Joey Hessweb commit by tschwinge: Answer.
2007-11-12  Joey Hessadd news item for ikiwiki 2.12
2007-11-12  Joey Hessreleasing version 2.12
2007-11-12  Joey Hessthis needs to be done as a plugin
2007-11-12  Joey Hesssecurity issues