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2010-03-07  bhobbit(no commit message)
2010-03-04  Joey HessRevert spammer's whitespace changes
2010-03-04  http://www... revert spam
2010-03-04  testerer(no commit message)
2010-03-04  testerer(no commit message)
2010-03-04  testerer(no commit message)
2010-03-04  Joey Hesscomments
2010-03-04  http://dmarti... (no commit message)
2010-03-03  Joey Hessadd news item for ikiwiki 3.20100302
2010-03-03  Joey Hessreleasing version 3.20100302
2010-03-03  http://cdombroski... Posting my change to the 404 module
2010-03-02  http://cdombroski... (no commit message)
2010-03-02  http://smcv... (no commit message)
2010-03-02  http://cdombroski... Bug: 404 plugin & lighttpd
2010-03-02  http://cdombroski... (no commit message)
2010-03-01  http://www... response
2010-03-01  Thiana(no commit message)
2010-03-01  Thiana(no commit message)
2010-03-01  http://liw.fi/(no commit message)
2010-03-01  http://kerravonsen... fixed typo
2010-03-01  Jon Dowlandref new tip from softwaresite page
2010-03-01  Jon Dowlandnew tip: spam and software sites
2010-03-01  Jon Dowlandwl from report to field plugin pages
2010-02-28  Joey HessAdd new --clean option; this makes ikiwiki remove all...
2010-02-27  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2010-02-27  Joey HessFix admin openid detection in setup automator, and...
2010-02-27  Joey HessAdd force_overwrite setting to make setup automator...
2010-02-27  http://privat... (no commit message)
2010-02-27  http://privat... patch for multiple sidebars
2010-02-27  http://www... disable some inlines that I don't use much.
2010-02-26  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2010-02-26  Joey HessLoosen regexp, to allow empty quoted parameters in...
2010-02-26  http://kerravonsen... made a suggestion
2010-02-25  Joey Hesscatch failure to open the filetypes file
2010-02-24  martin(no commit message)
2010-02-24  http://people... (no commit message)
2010-02-24  Jon Dowlandswitch to inline, instead of map
2010-02-24  Jon Dowlandadd a backlink-style map to the bottom of my page
2010-02-21  ThomasAdamThe Fvwm Wiki not a personal site or blog.
2010-02-21  ThomasAdamThe Fvwmwiki uses ikiwiki
2010-02-19  Joey Hessctime idea
2010-02-19  Joey Hessresponse
2010-02-19  Joey Hessresponse
2010-02-19  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2010-02-19  http://jmtd... prevent keyboard mashing
2010-02-19  http://jmtd... fix 'done' link
2010-02-19  JogoCorrect broken links
2010-02-19  prosper(no commit message)
2010-02-18  https://mukund... Add my homepage generated by Ikiwiki
2010-02-17  http://jmtd... new feature request: identifying trivial edits
2010-02-16  nils/redirect/redir/
2010-02-16  niltypo
2010-02-16  nilwhishlist
2010-02-16  nilimport
2010-02-16  nilfix
2010-02-16  nilredirect
2010-02-15  http://mem.myopenid.com/(no commit message)
2010-02-15  aghitza(no commit message)
2010-02-15  nil+ ipol.im
2010-02-15  Joey Hessoptimise whitespace in feed templates
2010-02-15  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2010-02-15  Joey Hesscomments: Display number of comments in comment action...
2010-02-14  Joey Hessminor refactor/optimisation
2010-02-14  Joey Hessadd ngettext support & optimize gettext handling
2010-02-14  jwalzer(no commit message)
2010-02-14  jwalzerUpdate - trying to debug it
2010-02-14  jwalzernew thread
2010-02-13  Joey Hessclarify
2010-02-13  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2010-02-13  Joey Hessclose
2010-02-13  http://seeitcoming... Added information about python implementation for reference
2010-02-12  Joey Hessadd news item for ikiwiki 3.20100212
2010-02-12  Joey Hessreleasing version 3.20100212
2010-02-12  Joey Hessformatting
2010-02-12  Joey Hesslayout
2010-02-12  Joey Hessadd highlevel view of when hooks are called during...
2010-02-12  Joey Hessadd variable value examples
2010-02-12  Joey Hessmove note to sidebox
2010-02-12  Joey Hessheading tweaks
2010-02-12  Joey Hessreorg and expand docs of some variables
2010-02-12  Joey Hesssetup file ordering
2010-02-12  Joey Hessadd section information
2010-02-12  Joey Hessanother (last?) tag change
2010-02-12  Joey Hessformatting sillyness
2010-02-12  Joey Hessremove unnecessary IkiWiki::
2010-02-12  Joey Hessone more
2010-02-12  Joey Hessmore tag reorg
2010-02-12  Joey Hessmore tag reorg
2010-02-12  Joey Hessplugin tag reorg
2010-02-12  Joey Hessborders
2010-02-12  Joey Hessformat plugin categorization
2010-02-12  Joey Hessadd plugin section, and show which plugins need no...
2010-02-12  Joey Hessreword
2010-02-12  Joey Hessimprove websetup fieldset display
2010-02-12  Joey Hessfix websetup display of unsafe arrays in expert mode
2010-02-12  Joey Hessadd some openid matching tests
2010-02-12  Joey Hessfix openid pagespec example
2010-02-12  Joey HessGroup related plugins into sections in the setup file...
2010-02-12  Joey HessAllow globs to be used in user() pagespecs.
2010-02-12  Joey Hessreorder canedit checks during page creation to have...