2009-10-12  Joey HessAdded minimal default CSS for calendar plugin, just...
2009-10-12  Joey Hesscalendar: Fix CSS for year calendar to match the plugin...
2009-10-12  Joey Hessskip merges
2009-10-12  Joey Hessformatting
2009-10-12  Joey Hessadd some TODO tests for influence blocking
2009-10-12  Joey Hessallow spans
2009-10-12  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' into dependency-types
2009-10-12  Joey Hesscan't use --reverse with git log --follow
2009-10-12  Joey Hessresponse
2009-10-12  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' into dependency-types
2009-10-12  Joey Hessgit: --getctime will now follow renames back to the...
2009-10-12  Joey Hesscalendar: avoid inline images in links
2009-10-12  Joey Hesscalendar: use left and right arrows for next/prev months
2009-10-12  Joey Hessfix next/prev month padding bug
2009-10-12  Joey Hessfix day links
2009-10-12  Joey Hesscalendar: Fix bug in next/previous year/month links...
2009-10-12  Joey Hesscalendar: Fix midnight rebuild trigger of calendars...
2009-10-12  Joey Hessavoid temporary variables
2009-10-12  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' into dependency-types
2009-10-11  Joey Hessremove locking
2009-10-11  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' into dependency-types
2009-10-11  Joey Hessinstall ikiwiki-calendar
2009-10-11  Joey Hessinfluences returns hash ref now
2009-10-11  Joey Hesstypo
2009-10-11  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' into dependency-types
2009-10-11  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2009-10-11  Joey Hessikiwiki-calendar: New command automates creation of...
2009-10-11  Joey Hesstypo
2009-10-11  Joey Hesstypo
2009-10-11  Jogo(no commit message)
2009-10-11  Jogo(no commit message)
2009-10-10  Jogo(no commit message)
2009-10-10  trianta(no commit message)
2009-10-10  Joey Hessupdate
2009-10-10  Joey Hessadded tests of SuccessReason/FailReason objects
2009-10-10  Joey Hessupdate
2009-10-10  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' into dependency-types
2009-10-10  Joey Hessadd news item for ikiwiki 3.20091009
2009-10-10  Joey Hessreleasing version 3.20091009
2009-10-09  http://www... response
2009-10-09  Joey Hessremove highlevel influence calculation stuff
2009-10-09  Joey Hessadd_depends: optimise influence calculation
2009-10-09  Joey Hessresponse
2009-10-09  Joey Hessrevert
2009-10-09  Joey Hessrework influence calculation
2009-10-09  Joey Hessmove influence tests to pagespec_match_list.t
2009-10-09  Joey Hessimg: use presence dependency when linking to a page
2009-10-09  Joey Hessbrokenlinks: use pagespec_match_list
2009-10-09  Joey Hessfix link
2009-10-09  Joey Hessfix pagespec_match_list handling of list parameter
2009-10-09  Joey Hesspagespec_match_list: change limit to filter
2009-10-09  Joey Hessconditional: use pagespec_match_list
2009-10-09  Joey Hesspagespec_match_list allow additional pagespec limit...
2009-10-09  Joey Hessindentation
2009-10-09  Joey Hessconditional: use yesno
2009-10-09  Joey Hessprogress: switch to new pagespec_match_list
2009-10-09  Joey Hesslinkmap: Use new pagespec_match_list
2009-10-09  Joey Hessfix test to use new calling convention
2009-10-09  Joey Hessadd pagespec/sorting to underlay
2009-10-09  Joey Hessdon't link to inline, not available when directives...
2009-10-09  Joey Hesstypo
2009-10-09  Joey Hessrename use_pagespec to pagespec_match_list
2009-10-09  Joey Hessfix test broken by change to failing link() influence
2009-10-09  Joey Hesscalendar: rework so it can use use_pagespec
2009-10-09  http://www... Yet another tweak to the formal definition. Much bette...
2009-10-09  Joey Hesspostsparkline: switch to use_pagespec
2009-10-09  Joey Hessorphans: switch to use_pagespec
2009-10-09  http://www... Another tweak to the formal definition.
2009-10-09  Joey Hessresponse
2009-10-09  http://www... comments on cycles in the dependency graph
2009-10-09  http://www... Minor comment
2009-10-09  Joey Hessfix feedpages dependency
2009-10-09  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' into dependency-types
2009-10-09  Joey Hesspagestate: switch to use_pagespec
2009-10-09  Joey HessOptimize away most expensive file prune calls, when...
2009-10-08  Joey Hessuse_pagespec: do not fail with error when unable to...
2009-10-08  Joey Hesspagecount: switched to use_pagespec
2009-10-08  Joey Hessinline: switch to use_pagespec
2009-10-08  Joey Hessadd sorting page
2009-10-08  Joey Hessupdate
2009-10-08  Joey Hessmap: switch to use_pagespec
2009-10-08  Joey Hessadd use_pagespec and deptype functions
2009-10-08  Joey Hesschange how dependency types are specified to add_depends
2009-10-08  Joey Hessfound a way to get false positive influences
2009-10-08  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2009-10-08  Joey Hessupdate
2009-10-08  Joey Hessfix handling of influences of pagespecs that fail to...
2009-10-08  http://shoorick... (no commit message)
2009-10-08  http://www... add cpanrt
2009-10-08  http://www... Tweaks
2009-10-08  http://smcv... (no commit message)
2009-10-08  Joey Hessupdate
2009-10-08  http://www... Questions...
2009-10-08  Joey Hessbugfix
2009-10-08  Joey Hessremove explicit addition of dependencies for displayed...
2009-10-08  Joey Hessadd type info to influence information
2009-10-08  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' into dependency-types
2009-10-08  Joey Hessupdate
2009-10-08  Joey Hessconvert add_depends to use influences
2009-10-08  Joey Hessinfluences calculation implemented