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2007-04-06  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett: Typo fix.
2007-04-06  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett: Use full path "examples...
2007-04-06  joeyfix
2007-04-06  joeyfix
2007-04-06  joeyuse wikilinks
2007-04-06  joeyupdate with edited and somewhat improved source from...
2007-04-06  joeyuncomment the note
2007-04-06  joeyAdd the Integrated issue tracking with Ikiwiki article...
2007-04-06  joeyweb commit by http://dmarti.myopenid.com/
2007-04-06  joeyweb commit by http://dmarti.myopenid.com/
2007-04-06  joey* Fix display of escaped wikilinks containing anchors.
2007-04-06  joeyadd a separate svg for the favico to allow generation...
2007-04-06  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett: Fix code blocks inside...
2007-04-06  joey* Fix smiley plugin to scan smileys.mdwn after it's...
2007-04-06  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett: Use an inline code block...
2007-04-06  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett: Response.
2007-04-06  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett: Similar to [[wiki_links_sti...
2007-04-06  joeyupdate
2007-04-06  joeyupdate
2007-04-06  joeybroken link
2007-04-06  joeytypo
2007-04-06  joey* Reorder the icon in the template above the stylesheet...
2007-04-06  joeyhmm, epiphany problem is something else..
2007-04-06  joeycrushing the favico seemed to break display of it ...
2007-04-06  joey* Updated French translation from JLC. Closes: #417982
2007-04-06  joeyweb commit by http://ptecza.myopenid.com/: * How to...
2007-04-06  joeyweb commit by http://ptecza.myopenid.com/: * Bug report
2007-04-06  joeyweb commit by http://ptecza.myopenid.com/: * Testing...
2007-04-06  joeyweb commit by PatrickWinnertz
2007-04-06  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett: See "using the web interfac...
2007-04-06  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett: Move note for a shortcut...
2007-04-06  joshtriplettSuggest a simpler mechanism than regexes, to avoid...
2007-04-06  joshtriplettMove page again, with all of the changes this time.
2007-04-06  joshtriplettRevert bad rename, which missed recent changes to the page.
2007-04-06  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett: Outline implementation plan.
2007-04-06  joshtriplettAdd missing backquote.
2007-04-06  joshtriplettCIA moved from cia.navi.cx to cia.vc; update cia and...
2007-04-06  joshtriplettFix typo in zooomr shortcut description, by rewording.
2007-04-06  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett: Fix link to passwordauth.
2007-04-06  joshtriplettAdd todo item to support manpages as an input format.
2007-04-06  joshtriplettAdd todo item for blocking external links.
2007-04-06  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett: Fix incomplete sentence. Sign.
2007-04-06  joshtriplettAdd tip about using an external editor with Firefox...
2007-04-06  joshtriplettRename todo item.
2007-04-06  joshtriplettAdd todo item for OpenSearch.
2007-04-06  joshtriplettfavicon.ico also used PNG; crush it.
2007-04-06  joshtriplettLink OFTC.
2007-04-06  joshtriplett...and IRC
2007-04-06  joshtriplettFix typos: s/dontate/donate/, s/paypal/PayPal/.
2007-04-06  joshtriplett* Add XS-Vcs-Browser field.
2007-04-06  joshtriplett* Add Homepage field.
2007-04-06  joshtriplett* Improvements to Description in debian/control:
2007-04-06  joshtriplettFix typos in zack.css
2007-04-06  joshtriplettFix typos.
2007-04-06  joshtriplett* Add neutral smileys ":|" and ":-|", and question...
2007-04-06  joshtriplett* Use pngcrush and optipng on all PNG files.
2007-04-05  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett: Add :-\
2007-04-05  joshtriplettRename todo item.
2007-04-05  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett: Long-term, ikiwiki needs...
2007-04-05  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett: RewriteCond and RewriteRule...
2007-04-05  joeyupdate
2007-04-04  joeypal
2007-04-04  joey* Fix tags to page names that contain special characters.
2007-04-04  joey* Fix a bug that caused link(foo) to succeed if page...
2007-04-04  joeyweb commit by http://willthompson.co.uk/: I suck at...
2007-04-04  joeyweb commit by http://willthompson.co.uk/: hrm, my link...
2007-04-04  joeyweb commit by http://willthompson.co.uk/
2007-04-04  joeyweb commit from poll vote (Accept only...
2007-04-04  joeyvirus scanner integration
2007-04-04  joeyformatting
2007-04-04  joeyadd :-P
2007-04-04  joeyupdate
2007-04-04  joeyupdate
2007-04-04  joeyRewriteRule example
2007-04-04  joey* Fix a bug in the img plugin that caused thumbnailed...
2007-04-04  joeyresponse
2007-04-03  joeyweb commit by http://adam.shand.net/
2007-04-03  joeyweb commit by http://adam.shand.net/
2007-04-03  joeyweb commit by http://adam.shand.net/
2007-04-03  joeyweb commit by AdamShand: allowing rawhtml plugin only...
2007-04-02  joeyrewriterule
2007-04-02  joshtriplettMove todo item to todo/
2007-04-02  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett
2007-04-02  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett: s/parens/square brackets/
2007-04-02  joshtriplettImprove description of usedirs in ikiwiki.setup
2007-04-01  joeyupdates for new regime
2007-04-01  joeytypo
2007-04-01  joeyanother htmlpage call that is no longer appropriate
2007-04-01  joey* Fix a big in the img plugin that caused thumbnailed...
2007-04-01  joeyfix links to sparklines; abs2rel -> urlto
2007-04-01  joeyuse urlto; htmlpage is no longer appropriate here
2007-04-01  joey* Finally apply the index.html patch, with thanks to...
2007-04-01  joeyweb commit by hb: force reconstruction of the page
2007-04-01  joeyweb commit by hb: test
2007-04-01  joeyweb commit by hb: trying to put this done (it is !)
2007-03-31  joey* Hide excess backlinks and expand using CSS trick...
2007-03-31  joeylink
2007-03-31  joeyimprove
2007-03-31  joeyfix
2007-03-31  joey* Add a templates page to the basewiki. It will automat...