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2014-07-17  LouisMerge branch 'master' into spalax
2014-07-17  LouisQuestion
2014-07-17  LouisImprovement of documentation of my plugins
2014-07-07  http://invalidmagic... (no commit message)
2014-07-07  LouisAnswer: using the transient plugin
2014-07-06  smcvexplain why that default
2014-07-06  smcvthe transient underlay is good, use it :-)
2014-07-06  smcvidea
2014-07-06  fr33domloverComment on forum item, trail link appearance
2014-07-06  smcvbelatedly respond to kjs
2014-07-06  smcvrespond; hide fixed bugs by default to reduce clutter
2014-07-06  chrysnauto-* ambiguity: it's ok for me
2014-07-06  smcv(no commit message)
2014-07-06  smcv(no commit message)
2014-07-06  Christopher BainesRespond to smcv on the album discussion page
2014-07-06  fr33domloverComment to myself :-)
2014-07-06  fr33domloverFix typos
2014-07-06  fr33domloverForum: Ask about strange link appearance with trail...
2014-07-06  chrysngive link and example for possible autoindex conflicts
2014-07-05  chrysncomments on templatebody and phases
2014-07-05  chrysnsimple review for straightforward branch
2014-07-05  chrysnsuggestion on formatted times
2014-07-05  chrysnreviewed patch, suggesting minor addition
2014-07-05  chrysncomment on autoindex branch
2014-07-05  LouisAnswer to smcv
2014-07-04  smcvI keep getting this tag wrong
2014-07-04  smcvadd branch, with a smoke-test for inline
2014-07-04  chrysnunit tests available
2014-07-04  smcvreview
2014-07-04  smcvmore thoughts about evaluating pagespecs "too soon"
2014-07-04  smcvpotential user-annoyance issue
2014-07-04  smcvsemi-review; any chance of tests?
2014-07-04  smcvI think this is ready
2014-07-04  smcv(no commit message)
2014-07-04  smcv(no commit message)
2014-07-04  smcvreview desired
2014-07-04  smcvyes please
2014-07-04  smcvreview
2014-07-04  smcvready
2014-07-04  smcvcorrect tag
2014-07-04  smcvadd branch URLs, tag as ready
2014-07-04  smcvrename to be more appropriate for my own branches
2014-07-04  smcvupdate for rename of users/smcv/yesplease.mdwn to users...
2014-07-04  smcvupdate for rename of users/smcv/yesplease.mdwn to users...
2014-07-04  smcvupdate for rename of users/smcv/yesplease.mdwn to users...
2014-07-04  smcvupdate for rename of users/smcv/yesplease.mdwn to users...
2014-07-04  smcvupdate for rename of users/smcv/yesplease.mdwn to users...
2014-07-04  smcvrename users/smcv/yesplease.mdwn to users/smcv/ready.mdwn
2014-07-04  smcvpositive review
2014-07-03  smcvremove patch tag, the patch here was merged
2014-07-03  LouisNew plugin: poetry
2014-07-03  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info
2014-07-03  Joey HessAdd google back to openid selector. Apparently this...
2014-07-03  chrysnreply to smcv's comment
2014-07-03  smcvcomment (not a review yet)
2014-07-03  chrysnrespond to smcv's comment
2014-07-02  https://www... repo links and test site for trail depends bug
2014-07-02  https://www... (no commit message)
2014-07-02  https://www... (no commit message)
2014-07-01  smcvbranch updated
2014-06-30  smcvanother possibility
2014-06-30  smcvdesign-taste opinions?
2014-06-30  smcvmoreinfo?
2014-06-30  smcvescape inline directives correctly
2014-06-30  smcvfixed elsewhere?
2014-06-30  smcvreview, suggest a change
2014-06-30  smcvlink to older bug; practical issues exist
2014-06-29  http://smcv... update
2014-06-29  http://smcv... disambiguate
2014-06-29  http://smcv... the most common ikiwiki CSS trap
2014-06-29  http://smcv... respond to cbaines
2014-06-29 vote (Accept only OpenID for logins)
2014-06-29  chrysnrefreshing three pending patches
2014-06-28  Christopher BainesAdd an altered album demo
2014-06-28  Christopher BainesUpdate repository location
2014-06-27  Christopher BainesReorder the content of the album page
2014-06-27  fr33domloverAdd signature I forgot
2014-06-27  fr33domloverComment of algorithm formatting
2014-06-26  https://www... Problem was related to trail rather than album plugin
2014-06-26  https://www... trail plugin unexpected interdependencies
2014-06-25  LouisRemoved outdated example
2014-06-25  LouisCorrected dead link
2014-06-24  Jonathan Dowlandmove math.js mention to the relevant todo item
2014-06-24  Jonathan Dowlandwikilink to the todo item for math.js support
2014-06-24  Jonathan Dowlandscreenshot of teximg in action
2014-06-24  Jonathan Dowlandteximg is the best thing currently available. wishlist...
2014-06-24  Jonathan Dowlandteximg plugin: more precise documentation for the depen...
2014-06-24  Jonathan Dowlandopenid: repoy to fr33domlover. Note about poll age
2014-06-24  LouisPatch (calendar): autocreate archive pages when needed
2014-06-23  Christopher BainesRemove the link to the identi.ca group
2014-06-18  fr33domloverpoll vote (Accept both)
2014-06-18  fr33domloverExpress thoughts about OpenID
2014-06-17  fr33domloverComment on forum/Formatting_algorithms
2014-06-17  LouisQuestion
2014-06-17  LouisAnswer
2014-06-17  https://www... (no commit message)
2014-06-17  LouisAnswer
2014-06-17  fr33domloverAsk about algorithm formatting in the forum
2014-06-17 vote (Accept only OpenID for logins)
2014-06-13  Joey Hessadd news item for ikiwiki 3.20140613