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2006-08-23  joeyupdate
2006-08-23  joeyfixes
2006-08-23  joeyhmm
2006-08-23  joeyfix
2006-08-23  joeyfix
2006-08-23  joey* Allow preprocessor directives to contain python-like...
2006-08-23  joey* Allow preprocessor directives to span multiple lines...
2006-08-23  joeyadd a missing closing ] on example directive
2006-08-23  joeythoughts
2006-08-23  joeyupdate
2006-08-23  joeyreorganise, include preprocess in the right order
2006-08-22  joeyadd upgrade note
2006-08-22  joeyremove removed fix
2006-08-22  joeyrevert broken parentlinks fix, which was broken, explai...
2006-08-22  joey* Fix a bug introduced last version to do with nested...
2006-08-21  joeyupdate
2006-08-21  joey* Clean up behavior with broken parentlinks.
2006-08-21  joey* Fixed a bug with previews of subpages having broken...
2006-08-21  joeymove to bug page
2006-08-21  www-dataweb commit by joey: comments
2006-08-21  www-dataweb commit by JordaPolo: Fixed preformatted text.
2006-08-21  www-dataweb commit by JordaPolo: Added linguas plugin.
2006-08-21  www-dataweb commit by JordaPolo: Subpages and header.
2006-08-21  www-dataweb commit by JordaPolo: Request new template variable.
2006-08-20  joeyfix
2006-08-20  joeyfix
2006-08-20  joeymodernisation
2006-08-20  joeyadd news item for ikiwiki 1.21
2006-08-20  joeyreleasing version 1.21
2006-08-20  joey* Fix utf-8 in blog post form.
2006-08-19  joeyfix regexp
2006-08-19  joeyadd in a hack to improve the look of check marks in outline
2006-08-19  joeyadd styling for outline lists
2006-08-19  joeyclarify
2006-08-19  joeyupdate
2006-08-19  joeyupdate
2006-08-19  joeyupdate
2006-08-19  joeyupdate
2006-08-19  joeyupdate
2006-08-19  www-dataweb commit by joey: heh heh heh
2006-08-19  joeyupdate
2006-08-19  joeyadd python-docutils
2006-08-19  joey* Add first draft at a Restructured Text (rst) plugin...
2006-08-19  joeykill footer
2006-08-19  joey* Fix ikiwiki-mass-rebuild to work in the way the posti...
2006-08-18  joeyvalidate plugins/map
2006-08-18  joeyclarify
2006-08-18  joeygenerate valid xhtml in all cases, including nesting
2006-08-18  joey* Add otl format plugin, which handles files as created...
2006-08-18  joeyclarification
2006-08-18  www-dataweb commit by StruanJudd
2006-08-18  joeyremove maxdepth, it can be accomplished by pagespec...
2006-08-18  joey* Add a map plugin contributed by Alessandro Dotti Contra.
2006-08-18  joeyupdate
2006-08-18  joeyupdates
2006-08-18  joeythoughts on some future stuff
2006-08-18  joey* Support inlining pages raw, rather than creating a blog.
2006-08-18  joeynote
2006-08-18  joey* Call filter hooks on inlined page content.
2006-08-18  joeynote on disabling sidebar
2006-08-18  joeyupdate
2006-08-18  www-dataweb commit by joey
2006-08-18  www-dataweb commit by joey
2006-08-18  www-dataweb commit by joey
2006-08-18  joey* Add a tail fin^W^Wsidebar plugin by Tuomo Valkonen.
2006-08-17  joeyadd news item for ikiwiki 1.20
2006-08-17  joey* Fix a bug in the aggregator introduced last version...
2006-08-17  joey* Catch failing IPC::Open2 in tidy plugin and retry...
2006-08-16  joey* Add --syslog config option, to log to the syslog.
2006-08-16  www-dataweb commit by IanBrandt
2006-08-16  joeytypo
2006-08-16  joey* Relicense the templates and basewiki under the 2...
2006-08-16  joeyadd news item for ikiwiki 1.19
2006-08-16  joeyreleasing version 1.19
2006-08-16  joey* Fix an infinite loop in the aggregator when finding...
2006-08-16  joey* Add some locking to prevent 2 aggregators from runnin...
2006-08-15  joeytypo
2006-08-15  joeyadd ion
2006-08-15  joeyavoid undefined value warning in some case
2006-08-15  www-dataweb commit by neal
2006-08-15  www-dataweb commit by neal
2006-08-15  www-dataweb commit by neal: Note how wiki links related to...
2006-08-14  www-dataweb commit by JonasSmedegaard: Correct typo: perminent...
2006-08-14  www-dataweb commit by tuomov: Another approach for darcs/dvcs
2006-08-13  joeyup
2006-08-13  joey* Fix a bug in page type determination during online...
2006-08-13  joeyadd news item for ikiwiki 1.18
2006-08-13  joeyreleasing version 1.18
2006-08-13  joeyupdate
2006-08-13  joey* The last release accidentially installed ikiwiki...
2006-08-12  joeymeh
2006-08-12  joey* If the meta plugin overides the page title, set a...
2006-08-12  joeyadd news item for ikiwiki 1.17
2006-08-12  joeyreleasing version 1.17
2006-08-12  joeynote about perl version
2006-08-12  joey* Set die_on_bad_params => 0 for all templates, to...
2006-08-10  joeyformat
2006-08-10  www-dataweb commit by ChristianAichinger: Added my homepage
2006-08-10  joeyremove byte order mark that vim added for some reason
2006-08-10  joeysuggest running make test as part of install