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2006-08-15  www-dataweb commit by neal
2006-08-15  www-dataweb commit by neal
2006-08-15  www-dataweb commit by neal: Note how wiki links related to...
2006-08-14  www-dataweb commit by JonasSmedegaard: Correct typo: perminent...
2006-08-14  www-dataweb commit by tuomov: Another approach for darcs/dvcs
2006-08-13  joeyup
2006-08-13  joey* Fix a bug in page type determination during online...
2006-08-13  joeyadd news item for ikiwiki 1.18
2006-08-13  joeyreleasing version 1.18
2006-08-13  joeyupdate
2006-08-13  joey* The last release accidentially installed ikiwiki...
2006-08-12  joeymeh
2006-08-12  joey* If the meta plugin overides the page title, set a...
2006-08-12  joeyadd news item for ikiwiki 1.17
2006-08-12  joeyreleasing version 1.17
2006-08-12  joeynote about perl version
2006-08-12  joey* Set die_on_bad_params => 0 for all templates, to...
2006-08-10  joeyformat
2006-08-10  www-dataweb commit by ChristianAichinger: Added my homepage
2006-08-10  joeyremove byte order mark that vim added for some reason
2006-08-10  joeysuggest running make test as part of install
2006-08-10  joeyupdate
2006-08-10  joey* Improve markdown loading. First, try to load it as...
2006-08-10  joeyremove clutter
2006-08-10  joeypreliminary rst plugin by Sergio Talens-Oliag
2006-08-10  www-dataweb commit by tester
2006-08-10  www-dataweb commit by tester: testing
2006-08-10  www-dataweb commit by rmeden
2006-08-10  joey* Display an error message if /usr/bin/markdown can...
2006-08-10  www-dataweb commit by rmeden: test page
2006-08-10  www-dataweb commit by rmeden: add an eden test?
2006-08-10  www-dataweb commit by rmeden: this is a blog entry
2006-08-09  www-dataweb commit by SergioTalensOliag: Added myself as ikiwik...
2006-08-08  joey* Ship ikiwiki executable as ikiwiki.pl in source to...
2006-08-07  www-dataweb commit by joey
2006-08-07  joeyviewcvs url also changed
2006-08-07  joeysubversion repo location move
2006-08-07  www-dataweb commit by joey: test
2006-08-05  joeymisc changes
2006-08-05  joey* Turn on HTML::Template loop_context_vars; not actuall...
2006-08-05  joey* Turn off tidy indentation too.
2006-08-05  joey* Move tidy back to sanitize hook, found out how to...
2006-08-05  joey* Disable tidy generator tag.
2006-08-05  joeyadd news item for ikiwiki 1.16
2006-08-05  joeyreleasing version 1.16
2006-08-05  joey* Fix dates in rss feeds if running localised, so they...
2006-08-04  joeytone back claims of what tidy can do, it's not perfect
2006-08-04  joey* Don't run tidy with -xml as that fails if the input...
2006-08-04  joey* Fix the htmltidy plugin, which wasn't working due...
2006-08-04  joeyuse rel=bookmark here too..
2006-08-04  joey* Also generate rel=bookmark links for permalinks.
2006-08-04  joeyfix
2006-08-04  joeyneed to make it really utf8 or the url encode won't work
2006-08-04  joeyuse htmlpage a couple of places instead of hardcoding...
2006-08-04  joey* Add xhtml files to the default prune regexp.
2006-08-04  joeyfix
2006-08-04  joey* Encode link and guid urls in rss feeds to avoid illeg...
2006-08-04  joeyrevert this, it seems wrong
2006-08-04  joeyoops
2006-08-04  joey* Various CSS and formatting changes.
2006-08-04  joey* Make aggregator save permalinks and author name to...
2006-08-03  joey* Try to handle relative links in aggregated feeds...
2006-08-03  www-dataweb commit by amaya: small typo
2006-08-03  joeyadd news item for ikiwiki 1.15
2006-08-03  joeyreleasing version 1.15
2006-08-03  joeymore slashery
2006-08-03  joeymore doubled slashes..
2006-08-03  joey* Added created_before and created_after PageSpec limits.
2006-08-03  joey* Remove CDPATH and other env vars perl taint checking...
2006-08-02  joeyadd news item for ikiwiki 1.14
2006-08-02  joeyreleasing version 1.14
2006-08-02  joey* Fix stupid bug in date matching, patch from Roland...
2006-08-02  joeymeh
2006-08-02  joeymeh
2006-08-02  joeythoughts
2006-08-02  joeylink and backlink pagespec tests
2006-08-02  joeyadd a couple more ikiwiki users
2006-08-02  joey* Memoize pagespec translation, this speeds up a build...
2006-08-02  joeystupid perl..
2006-08-02  joeybacklink is just the reverse of link, so..
2006-08-02  joeycomplex test
2006-08-02  joeyupdate
2006-08-02  joeyfix
2006-08-02  joeyadd news
2006-08-02  joeyadd news item for ikiwiki 1.13
2006-08-02  joeyadd news item for ikiwiki 1.13
2006-08-02  joeyadd news item for ikiwiki 1.13
2006-08-02  joeyadd news item for ikiwiki 1.13
2006-08-02  joeyreleasing version 1.13
2006-08-02  joeyoy, case-insensativity lost!
2006-08-02  joeyredundancy
2006-08-02  joeyoops
2006-08-02  joeybetter use gmtime here
2006-08-02  joeyupdate
2006-08-02  joey* Renamed GlobLists to PageSpecs.
2006-08-01  joeytypo
2006-08-01  joey* Patch from Roland Mas to support an rss=no parameter...
2006-07-31  joeyadd
2006-07-31  joeyfix
2006-07-31  joey* Fix issue with unicode filenames and updating the...