2014-10-05  smcvnew bug report
2014-10-04  Louisamend comment
2014-10-04  spalaxAdded a comment: Plugin compile
2014-10-04  LouisNew contrib plugin: compile
2014-10-04  http://anastigmatix... d and r aren't even on the same row
2014-10-04  http://anastigmatix... Google stay of execution no comfort if you're already...
2014-10-03  Amitai Schlairmany people grok "static site generator" nowadays
2014-10-02  https://www... testing the sandbox
2014-10-02  http://anastigmatix... recap of yamlfront issue opened on github
2014-10-01  Amitai SchlairSearch $PATH for "validate", since the test does.
2014-09-30  http://anastigmatix... I'm not really anti-vowel
2014-09-30  http://anastigmatix... a wish for more from pagetemplate
2014-09-30  smcvtypo
2014-09-30  smcvnon-review
2014-09-30  smcvfix patch formatting
2014-09-30  https://www... (no commit message)
2014-09-30  https://www... Adding ARIA landmarks allows for example screen readers...
2014-09-27  spalaxAdded a comment: Apache redirection
2014-09-27  spalaxAdded a comment: Several .setup files
2014-09-26  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info
2014-09-26  openmeditypos
2014-09-26  openmedi(no commit message)
2014-09-26  Joey HessFix crash that can occur when only_committed_changes...
2014-09-24  http://abhidg... (no commit message)
2014-09-24  smcv(no commit message)
2014-09-24  https://id... (no commit message)
2014-09-24  openmediAdded a comment
2014-09-24  smcvAdded a comment
2014-09-24  openmedi(no commit message)
2014-09-23  smcv%W is not as weird as it looks at first glance
2014-09-23  smcvAdded a comment
2014-09-23  smcvfix destsources documentation, and mention how attachme...
2014-09-23  http://anastigmatix... possible documentation error for %destsources in plugin...
2014-09-22  smcvindeed
2014-09-22  https://www... what I think was meant by "deprecated"
2014-09-22  smcvrespond
2014-09-21  http://anastigmatix... q about deprecation of CGI.pm
2014-09-21  http://anastigmatix... "PERL5LIB in ENV doesn't help anymore" isn't so anymore...
2014-09-21  http://anastigmatix... create question about setup updates following ikiwiki...
2014-09-21  smcvAdded a comment
2014-09-21  smcvremoved
2014-09-21  smcvAdded a comment
2014-09-21  smcvAdded a comment
2014-09-21  smcvAdded a comment
2014-09-20  fr33domloverAdded a comment
2014-09-19  anarcatthanks
2014-09-19  smcvnot sure that this is needed
2014-09-19  anarcatgetting notifyemail installed on ikiwiki.info
2014-09-19  anarcatfix formatting, ironically
2014-09-19  anarcatDoes this support ikiwiki-specific idioms
2014-09-19  Amitai Schlairdocument proxy.py warnings seen on auto.setup
2014-09-19  Amitai SchlairAnchor subst to opening ", avoiding side effects.
2014-09-18  smcvjustification for base tag; relative base might be...
2014-09-18  smcvremove suggestion to wrap inline in <table>, that won...
2014-09-18  http://anastigmatix... add links to upstream reports
2014-09-18  http://anastigmatix... bit of unapologetic fingerpointing
2014-09-17  Amitai Schlairadd and use a "pkgsrc" shortcut (to pkgsrc.se)
2014-09-17  Amitai SchlairI hope pkgsrc also no longer has these problems
2014-09-17  smcvreview
2014-09-17  smcvAdded a comment
2014-09-17  https://id... (no commit message)
2014-09-17  https://id... correct
2014-09-17  https://www... Added a comment
2014-09-17  smcvAdded a comment
2014-09-17  fr33domloverAdded a comment
2014-09-17  smcvstart designing by listing constraints/requirements
2014-09-17  smcvprobably fixed
2014-09-17  smcvreview
2014-09-17  smcvAdded a comment
2014-09-17  smcvAdded a comment
2014-09-17  smcvAdded a comment: next steps
2014-09-17  Christopher... Add comment regarding GeoJSON output
2014-09-17  smcvrespond
2014-09-17  fr33domloverAdded a comment
2014-09-17  fr33domloverWrite forum page about RTL support of PO plugin
2014-09-16  anarcatmove the comments in the right place, add my comments
2014-09-16  anarcatanother review
2014-09-16  anarcatfix path to my repo
2014-09-16  smcvreviewed elsewhere
2014-09-16  smcvreview
2014-09-16  smcvfixed
2014-09-16  https://id... fix link to the mtl mesh wiki
2014-09-16  http://anastigmatix... followup after asking my provider to fix useragent...
2014-09-16  Simon McVittieremove webconverger from list of git remotes
2014-09-16  Simon McVittieBuild-depend on libmagickcore-6.q16-2-extra | libmagick...
2014-09-16  Simon McVittieclose bug
2014-09-16  Simon McVittienews entry for 3.20140916
2014-09-16  Simon McVittieAdd myself to Uploaders and release to Debian
2014-09-16  Simon McVittieAdd package dependencies for scalable img support
2014-09-16  Simon McVittieimg: raise an error if we cannot find the image's size
2014-09-16  Simon McVittieimg test: skip SVG tests if unsupported by Image::Magick
2014-09-16  Amitai SchlairPass -templatedir to get this test passing again.
2014-09-15  smcvbug report
2014-09-15  https://id... email verification is a separate issue, can we please...
2014-09-15  jcflackadd gables and turrets to bikeshed
2014-09-15  Simon McVittieRevert "Use templatebody for the templates in the basew...
2014-09-15  Simon McVittiechangelog, close bugs
2014-09-15  Simon McVittieMerge branch 'ready/templatebody'
2014-09-15  Simon McVittiechangelog, close bug
2014-09-15  Simon McVittieMerge branch 'master' of ssh://ikiwiki.branchable.com