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2008-12-18  Joey Hesspagespec thoughts
2008-12-18  Joey Hessnote about comments feed
2008-12-18  Joey Hessaggregate: If a feed fails to be downloaded, try again...
2008-12-18  Joey Hessclose
2008-12-18  Joey Hessdeletion
2008-12-18  Joey Hessjump to comments anchor after post
2008-12-18  Joey Hesstypo
2008-12-18  Joey Hessfix
2008-12-18  Joey Hesssimplify pagespec
2008-12-18  Joey Hesstwo comments ui suggestions
2008-12-18  Joey Hessadd Comments link when displaying a page inline
2008-12-18  Joey Hessfix test when comments_closed_pagespec is empty
2008-12-17  Joey Hessdon't rely on $@
2008-12-17  Joey Hesschange around comments pagespecs
2008-12-17  Joey Hessfix default values for config settings
2008-12-17  Joey Hessclarification
2008-12-17  Joey HessCoding style change: Remove explcit vim folding markers.
2008-12-17  Joey Hesschecksessionexpiry: rework
2008-12-17  Joey Hessmore comments doc updates
2008-12-17  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' into comments
2008-12-17  Joey Hessmonotone: When getting the log, tell monotone how many...
2008-12-17  Joey Hessrename: Fix double-escaping of page name in edit box.
2008-12-17  http://thm... rename bugs/bugfix_for:___38____35__34__59__mtn:_operat...
2008-12-17  http://thm... rename bugs/bugfix_for:___34__mtn:_operation_canceled...
2008-12-16  http://thm... (no commit message)
2008-12-16  http://thm... (no commit message)
2008-12-15  Jon Dowlandadd a meta title
2008-12-15  Jon Dowlandnot putting cgi in destdir
2008-12-12  Joey Hesselide unnecessary variables
2008-12-12  Joey Hessremove fixme
2008-12-12  Joey Hessfix redefinition of $author
2008-12-12  Joey Hessmove related code together
2008-12-12  Joey Hesswhitespace
2008-12-12  Joey Hessdon't explicitly use inline
2008-12-12  Joey Hessavoid unnecessary variable
2008-12-12  Joey Hessget rid of the [postcomment] hack
2008-12-12  Joey Hessimprove documentation of postcomment
2008-12-12  Joey Hessmove getsetup to usual place
2008-12-12  Joey Hessfirst pass through comments documentation
2008-12-12  Joey Hessupdate changelog
2008-12-12  Joey Hessupdate copyright
2008-12-12  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' into comments
2008-12-12  Joey Hessadd log entry
2008-12-12  Simon McVittiehtmlbalance: don't compact whitespace, and set misc...
2008-12-12  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' into comments
2008-12-12  Joey Hessmeta: Pass info to htmlscrubber so htmlscrubber_skip...
2008-12-12  http://smcv... Another TODO item
2008-12-12  http://smcv... update with some more code improvements
2008-12-12  Simon McVittiecomments: Store dates in GMT and in ISO-8601
2008-12-12  http://john... (no commit message)
2008-12-12  justinadding setup note
2008-12-12  tschwingeFix too much quoting.
2008-12-12  tschwingeFix cut'n'past-o.
2008-12-11  Joey Hesssimplifiy logic
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiecomments: Change internal-use-only directive from ...
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiecomments: Use new feedfile, emptyfeeds options to inline
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiecomments: don't interpolate IP into anonymous user's "name"
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiecomments_display.tmpl: use less nice formatting to...
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiecomments_display.tmpl: preferentially use confirmed...
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiecomments: fix invocation of possibly_foolish_untaint
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiecomments_form.tmpl: show labels for name, website
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiecomments: avoid warning if there's no subject
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiecomments: Optionally allow anonymous commenters to...
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiecomments: Remove some dead code
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiecomments: rename main field to "editcontent" consistent...
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiecomments: instead of hard-coding mdwn, allow any suppor...
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiecomments: Save comments as a file with one big [[!comme...
2008-12-11  Simon McVittieRemove dead code for preprocessing [[!comments]]
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiecomments: Duplicate logic and CGI hook from recentchang...
2008-12-11  Simon McVittieQualify name of formattime() correctly
2008-12-11  Simon McVittieDelay checking for session expiry til we actually post...
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiecomments: record the time at which each comment was posted
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiecomments: Use a checkconfig hook to get the default...
2008-12-11  Simon McVittieRemove comments_embed.tmpl (no longer needed)
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiecomments: render comments/commenturl in page.tmpl
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiecomments: use global config to decide whether commentin...
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiecomments: use global configuration for allow_directives...
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiecomments: Add some global configuration
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiecomments: make preprocess a no-op
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiepage.tmpl: optionally include "add comment" link
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiecomments_comment.tmpl: allow permalink, anchor to be...
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiecomments: document what linkuser does
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiecomments: add a stub pagetemplate hook to show the comments
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiecomments: Use HTML entities to escape directives
2008-12-11  Simon McVittieEmbed comments into comments_embed.tmpl rather than...
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiecomments_embed.tmpl: include the inlined comments if...
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiecomments: use CGI module's checksessionexpiry
2008-12-11  Simon McVittieeditpage: factor out checksessionexpiry into IkiWiki::CGI
2008-12-11  Simon McVittieAdd comments to page.tmpl
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiehtmlbalance: don't compact whitespace, and set misc...
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiecomments: remove allowhtml option, just switch it on...
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiecomments: load inline and mdwn lazily
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiecomments: don't rely on mdwn getting loaded first
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiecomments: sanitize the body of each comment before...
2008-12-11  Simon McVittieFix typo that led to comments being blanked
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiepostcomment: Rename plugin to comments, use *._comment...
2008-12-11  Simon McVittieRename smcvpostcomment plugin to postcomment to propose...
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiesmcvpostcomment: allow commenting to be closed
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiesmcvpostcomment: import other plugins lazily and remove...
2008-12-11  Simon McVittiesmcvpostcomment_*.tmpl: make class names match template...