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2010-04-06  Joey Hessidea
2010-04-06  Joey Hessfirst question
2010-04-06  http://smcv... oops, branch returned now
2010-04-06  http://kerravonsen... more flexible underlays, please?
2010-04-06  http://kerravonsen... response
2010-04-06  http://kerravonsen... (no commit message)
2010-04-06  http://smcv... if applied, reverting this would be problematic
2010-04-06  http://smcv... tag as patch
2010-04-06  http://smcv... pages talking about escaping should really be escaped...
2010-04-06  http://smcv... as seen on IRC
2010-04-06  http://smcv... switch branch for review to use ready/foo convention
2010-04-06  http://smcv... ready for review, I think
2010-04-05  Joey Hessfix bug that left stray </p> tags
2010-04-05  Joey Hesstxt: Add a special case for robots.txt.
2010-04-05  Joey Hesscomments: Fix missing entity encoding in title.
2010-04-05  Joey Hessresponse
2010-04-05  http://smcv... potential performance improvements
2010-04-05  Joey Hessspeed
2010-04-04  Joey Hessfix test suite
2010-04-04  Joey Hessclose bug, comment
2010-04-04  Joey Hessmore idiomatic perl
2010-04-04  Joey Hessrename hash and avoid unnecessary hash ref
2010-04-04  Joey Hesschangelog
2010-04-04  Joey Hessfix indentation & whitespace
2010-04-04  Lars WirzeniusFix bzr plugin to work with bzr 2.0.
2010-04-04  http://smcv... advertise some bugfixes
2010-04-04  http://smcv... bug report + patch: unnecessary YAML::Any dependency
2010-04-04  http://hendry.iki.fi/(no commit message)
2010-04-04  PaulePanterTypo.
2010-04-04  http://liw.fi/(no commit message)
2010-04-04  http://liw.fi/(no commit message)
2010-04-04  http://liw.fi/(no commit message)
2010-04-04  https://mukund... Add the Banu website
2010-04-04  https://mukund... Remove my homepage
2010-04-04  http://smcv... updated branch
2010-04-04  http://smcv... update fieldsort plugin to be compatible with the lates...
2010-04-03  David Riebenbaueranswer about autofiles for tags
2010-04-03  David Riebenbauerlink to commits
2010-04-03  Joey Hessslightly more consistent capitalisation of ikiwiki
2010-04-03  Joey Hessadd news item for ikiwiki 3.20100403
2010-04-03  Joey Hessreleasing version 3.20100403
2010-04-03  Joey Hessfix buggy program installation code
2010-04-03  http://smcv... updated branch
2010-04-03  Joey Hessresponse
2010-04-03  Joey Hessresponse
2010-04-03  http://smcv... cross-reference
2010-04-03  http://smcv... vague musings about wikilinks
2010-04-03  http://smcv... perhaps the typedlink(tag foo) pagespec isn't so useful
2010-04-03  http://smcv... reduced difference
2010-04-03  http://smcv... sort-order could usefully be overridden for meta author...
2010-04-03  http://smcv... actually I can see a second use for "nonlinear" syntax...
2010-04-03  http://smcv... make questions to Joey more explicit
2010-04-03  http://smcv... respond at some length
2010-04-02  http://smcv... respond (also unindent Joey's review to avoid very...
2010-04-02  Joey Hessidea
2010-04-02  Joey Hesscomments
2010-04-02  Joey Hessminor comment
2010-04-02  Joey Hessfix branch name
2010-04-02  Joey Hessqualify template_file
2010-04-02  Joey Hesstemplate: Search for templates in the templatedir,...
2010-04-02  Joey Hessreview from the woods
2010-04-02  Joey Hesshtmlscrubber: Allow colons in url fragments after '?'
2010-04-02  Simon McVittieDespam, again. Someone ban adrianna please?
2010-04-02  adrianna(no commit message)
2010-04-02  adrianna(no commit message)
2010-04-02  adrianna(no commit message)
2010-04-02  adrianna(no commit message)
2010-04-02  adrianna(no commit message)
2010-04-02  Simon McVittieDespam
2010-04-02  adrianna(no commit message)
2010-04-02  adrianna(no commit message)
2010-04-02  adrianna(no commit message)
2010-04-02  adrianna(no commit message)
2010-04-01  http://smcv... implemented!
2010-04-01  Simon McVittieExplain tab-delimited tables a bit better
2010-04-01  http://kerravonsen... considering tags and fields
2010-04-01  http://smcv... (no commit message)
2010-04-01  http://kerravonsen... response; thoughts about inline and tags
2010-03-31  Joey Hesspage.tmpl: Add Cache-Control must-revalidate to ensure...
2010-03-31  http://kerravonsen... response
2010-03-31  http://smcv... they do work, with the right syntax (C backslash escape...
2010-03-31  http://edrex... (no commit message)
2010-03-31  http://edrex... (no commit message)
2010-03-30  http://smcv... respond; correct license of fieldsort plugin to match...
2010-03-30  http://smcv... respond
2010-03-30  http://smcv... (no commit message)
2010-03-30  http://smcv... respond and attempt to invoke Joey :-)
2010-03-30  http://smcv... feature request (part of ftemplate)
2010-03-30  http://kerravonsen... response
2010-03-30  http://www... update home page URL
2010-03-30  http://kerravonsen... response
2010-03-30  http://kerravonsen... quick response
2010-03-29  http://gustaf... (no commit message)
2010-03-29  http://gustaf... (no commit message)
2010-03-29  Joey HessMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ikiwiki.info/srv...
2010-03-29  Joey Hessresponse
2010-03-29  Jon Dowlandthis sounds like the correct approach
2010-03-29  Jon Dowlandthanks for the review, patch to be revised
2010-03-29  Joey Hessupdate
2010-03-29  Joey Hessclarify example with whitespace