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2007-07-09  joeyweb commit by http://joey.kitenet.net/
2007-07-09  joeyfix
2007-07-09  joeyobservations
2007-07-09  joeyweb commit by TaylorKillian
2007-07-09  joeyweb commit by TaylorKillian
2007-07-09  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett: Use a better URL for gmane...
2007-07-09  joeyresponse
2007-07-09  joeyadd a link to patchqueue post
2007-07-09  joey get confused. So it's best for ikiwiki to follow...
2007-07-08  joeyresponse
2007-07-08  joeyrespond to one item and make another into a bug report
2007-07-08  joeyresponse
2007-07-08  joeyresponse
2007-07-08  joey* Make the toc plugin use html-compatible anchors....
2007-07-08  joeyweb commit by http://chao.myopenid.com/
2007-07-08  joeyfix to be a proper bug report
2007-07-07  joeymassive naming and userlink patch from Paweł Tęcza
2007-07-07  joeyweb commit by TaylorKillian
2007-07-06  joeyweb commit by http://hendry.myopenid.com/
2007-07-06  joeyweb commit by http://nahamu.livejournal.com/
2007-07-06  joeyweb commit by http://pkeane.livejournal.com/
2007-07-06  joeyweb commit by http://victormoral.myopenid.com/: errata
2007-07-06  joeyweb commit by http://victormoral.myopenid.com/: new...
2007-07-06  joeyweb commit by http://dmarti.myopenid.com/
2007-07-05  joeyweb commit by l: added test case of numbered list follo...
2007-07-05  joeyweb commit by l
2007-07-05  joeyweb commit by http://arpitjain11.myopenid.com/
2007-07-05  joeyweb commit by http://arpitjain11.myopenid.com/
2007-07-04  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett: asprintf and glibc
2007-07-04  joeyweb commit by JoshTriplett: Link to the right done page.
2007-07-04  joeyweb commit by http://arpitjain11.myopenid.com/
2007-07-04  joeyweb commit by cworth
2007-07-04  joeyweb commit by http://ptecza.myopenid.com/: * Add my page
2007-07-04  joeyweb commit by http://ptecza.myopenid.com/: * Response
2007-07-04  joeyweb commit by http://arpitjain11.myopenid.com/
2007-07-04  joeyweb commit by http://arpitjain11.myopenid.com/
2007-07-04  joeyweb commit from poll vote (It's fast enough)
2007-07-04  joeyweb commit by http://xtermin.us/: But also affects...
2007-07-04  joeyweb commit by http://xtermin.us/: another link typo...
2007-07-04  joeyweb commit by KarlMW: link should be xtermin.us, not...
2007-07-04  joeyweb commit by http://xtermin.us/: some comments/griping...
2007-07-04  joeyweb commit by http://xtermin.us/: sitemaps plugin
2007-07-04  joeyweb commit by http://xtermin.us/: added comment on...
2007-07-03  joeyweb commit by cworth
2007-07-03  joeyweb commit by cworth
2007-07-03  joeyweb commit by http://mwjames.myopenid.com/: Howto build...
2007-07-03  joeyweb commit by http://ptecza.myopenid.com/: * Proposition
2007-07-02  joeyweb commit by http://ptecza.myopenid.com/: * Spaces...
2007-06-30  joeyfix
2007-06-30  joeyremove cruft
2007-06-30  joeyformatting
2007-06-30  joeyweb commit by HolgerLevsen: thanks a swarm of fish...
2007-06-30  joeyadd news item for ikiwiki 2.3
2007-06-30  joeyreleasing version 2.3
2007-06-30  joey* Correct a longstanding bug that could cause the edit...
2007-06-28  joey* French update from Jean-Luc Coulon. Closes: #430771
2007-06-28  joeyweb commit by http://hendry.myopenid.com/
2007-06-27  joeyweb commit by http://jugglefish.myopenid.com/
2007-06-27  joeyweb commit by http://victormoral.myopenid.com/: fixing...
2007-06-26  joey* Patch fixing various additional problems with test...
2007-06-26  joeyweb commit by ThomasViehmann: More info and full patch...
2007-06-23  joeyweb commit by http://liw.iki.fi/liw/: Added the two...
2007-06-23  joey* Allow svnpath config option to contain additional...
2007-06-19  joey* Corrected a typo in an error handler in the image plugin.
2007-06-18  joeyadd news item for ikiwiki 2.2
2007-06-18  joeyadd freebsd port
2007-06-15  joeyfix header
2007-06-15  joeyweb commit by HenrikBrixAndersen: Add patch for improvi...
2007-06-15  joeyweb commit by http://victormoral.myopenid.com/: bad...
2007-06-14  joeyweb commit by https://kheinz.regged.de/
2007-06-14  joeyweb commit by https://kheinz.regged.de/
2007-06-13  joeyweb commit by http://victormoral.myopenid.com/: version 0.6
2007-06-12  joeyweb commit by http://victormoral.myopenid.com/: initial...
2007-06-11  joeyaready done....
2007-06-11  joeyweb commit by http://ccshan.myopenid.com/
2007-06-11  joeyweb commit by http://id.inelegant.org/: Clarified metad...
2007-06-11  joeyweb commit by http://offby1.myopenid.com/
2007-06-10  joeyweb commit by harleypig
2007-06-09  joeyweb commit by harleypig
2007-06-08  joeyweb commit by HenrikBrixAndersen: The first proposed...
2007-06-07  joeyweb commit by HenrikBrixAndersen: Add patch for graphviz.pm
2007-06-07  joeyweb commit by HenrikBrixAndersen: Remove duplicate header
2007-06-07  joeyweb commit by HenrikBrixAndersen: Add patch for toc.pm
2007-06-05  joeyexit with error if Text::Typography cannot be loaded
2007-06-05  joey* Add typographyattributes configuration setting to...
2007-06-05  joeymake explicit that these plugins are included in ikiwiki
2007-06-04  joeyweb commit by TaylorKillian
2007-06-03  joey* Make the url absolution code for feeds significantly...
2007-06-03  joey* Fix wrapper generator and untaint code's handling...
2007-06-03  joeythe bug addressed by this was already fixd (mostly) in svn
2007-06-03  joeyminor
2007-06-02  joeyweb commit by http://ccshan.myopenid.com/
2007-06-02  joeyweb commit by Fred: Oups. Fix link.
2007-06-02  joeyweb commit by Fred: Add a entry about Refresh theme
2007-06-02  joeycouple more
2007-06-02  joey* Add test suite for preprocessor directive parsing.
2007-06-01  joey* Explode some of the more insane regexps.
2007-06-01  joeyknown bug
2007-06-01  joeylink
2007-06-01  joeyweb commit by TaylorKillian